The “Last Trump” EXPLAINED & REVEALED! – A Rapture Bible Study [FULL]

The “Last Trump” EXPLAINED & REVEALED! – A Rapture Bible Study [FULL]

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What exactly is the “last trump” in 1 Corinthians 15:52? Is it the seventh trumpet in Revelation 11:15? The last trump is THE RAPTURE BLAST, so we should know what it is and where to cross reference it correctly!

In this video, Scottie explains the differences between these trumpet verses and goes deep into understanding some relatively unknown facts about the fast approaching rapture event that you may not have known. Get your bible and a pencil and paper, you may want them handy;)

Authors Note :

It has taken me months to research and weeks to produce this study. This is easily the most time intensive video I have produced thus far (as of August 22, 2012). I hope you enjoy it and learn from me all that I have learned. I would not have this YouTube channel without you. I bless you and praise Yahshua for your amazing support.

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In humility – your brother in Christ,

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Comments (32)

  1. Scott David Shute

    just a little humility would make it easier to listen to your redundancy as you insult me in saying I need to get deeper into the Word of God. hey amigo, 4 trips to PATMOS seeking the HG while I was smuggling Holy Bibles into the USSR. YOUR ENTIRE VIDEO IS PURE CONDEMNATION AND ARROGANCE, ask the HG He will show you. I am outta here u make me sick..repent brother remember that?

  2. Kathy Sinclair

    Thanks for your videos. Lots to chew on. I’m with you as far as the Feast of Trumpets. Hope it is this year. It sure could be. One of my greatest desires is to be a part of the rapture. I’m in my late 60″s so I hope it happens soon.

  3. Oscar Meijers

    Great 🙂

  4. connie Kruse

    I thought it was Rev.12? … so now is it mid trib.? I was sure you thought you said post trib. Oh!

  5. bearcat54

    I researched and studied on this a couple of years ago. Trump was another word for Triumph in the king’s language in 1611. Maybe we are changed at ‘ the Last Triumph’ of the rapture. We know Revelations speaks of other trumpets sounding much later after the Call of Rapture of the Body of Christ. Just like Divers was the spelling of what we know as DIVERSE today.

  6. bearcat54

    sorry, Scott but Jesus did not reveal the Mystery of the Rapture of the BOdy of Christ because Jesus did not reveal that mystery. He gave it to PAUL to give unto the Believing Gentiles. Don’t say what is in the bible when it isn’t in the bible.

  7. Cherri Zirkel

    People read but lack comprehension it appears. Read it slow think before rapid reading it. He is correct. Separate events and discern read slow until you grasp it. There is convergence of events occurring rapidly. Time is now for Jews and Israel to reign and teach. The christians do believe in Jesus. Jews will go back to mosaic laws awaiting messiah blinders will be removed of messiah. It’s time for Jesus to deal with Israel and Jews. . God has his timetable. We are not to be ignorant of signs given. Do you marry then beat her up that night why would you have believers revert to Jewish customs that don’t believe in messiah has come? That would say you’re not believing in Christ first place denouncing him and practice Jewish beliefs. There is a battle Scott to discredit apostle Paul written in Greek instead. Hebrew. Jesus when he walked before his crucifixan didn’t know time or hour of his return.he revealed it to Paul and then John on Patmos after he was crucified and returned. New world religion seems to want Paul left out and Peter accepted seeing attacks on this doubting Paul! Remove Paul no bible! No rapture! Look at shroud of Turin image. The attack of teacher like a Berkeley campus.another thing sacrifices haven’t been done but now starting it back up again.

  8. JnKj Horner

    Not warn the people, but distribute the 10 Commandments

  9. Jim Menard

    Scott u are exactly right about the rapture, and u are right about the trumpets.

  10. Jim Menard

    Why argue about the rapture it’s going to happen regardless, u should be looking up, when you see all these signs which are happening right now the Bible says look up your redemption draws near.

  11. Jim Menard

    People do not want to take any criticism on true scripture, if u don’t know scripture learn like I did, some people are so cold hearted.

  12. Jim Menard

    Revch1 to revch4 the church is mentioned 19 times , from rev ch 4 to rev ch 19 the church is not mentioned once why the church is gone.

  13. thumbthump

    I hope your are right, but I’m sure no one has all the pieces of the puzzle. You have a very good teaching style. Keep it up, buttercup.

  14. Donna Jacobs

    I get more out of your teaching than any sermon. My gracious appreciation Brother.

  15. Nazarene

    he wrote in hebrew , Constantine burned all originals after the Council of Nicaea for obvious reasons.that is a move from satan to deny the Rapture. suddenly lot of people are denying The Rapture.people claims post or mid, but denying the Rapture is too much. i believe in Pre Trib rapture Now.

  16. John Skee

    Your work is amazing. I bet my life on your results as you do. I guess your scoffers will be wailing and gnashing teeth when they find out they missed their reward because they simply didn’t listen carefully. (Fellow watchman)

  17. Aimee Partap

    I am having trouble reconciling this video with some of your later videos. You say Revelation 12 is supposed to unfold this September 23rd, 2017. However in this video you say that it is a mid-trib event and the Church is already gone. I ask this not in any way to criticize your teachings but to get your take on it. Thank you.

  18. Pamela Darling

    ‘The whole Earth groans together for the revelation of the sons of God’, so it makes sense for the Book to ‘reveal’ His Body as it is HIS REVELATION, amen? When we are raptured, it will quickly become evident that we are the sons of God…the light will go out.

  19. Samuel Smith

    This is a great job of explaining the “Last Trump” vs. the Seventh Trump – most non-Jewish theologians miss this altogether because they dismiss anything Jewish or are afraid of going back under the law(shudder-shudder)! But this also proves the verse which states: “My people perish for a lack knowledge ” (UNDERSTANDING)!” Paraphrasing Hosea 4:6. None of the Word of God could ever be done away with because the Heavens and the Earth is still in existence. Boo yaaah!

  20. Robert Baker

    People always rename or redefine things. People that say the Rapture is not in the Bible, that word is not, because we changed the Great Convocation into Rapture. Just like tribulations. If you read what Jesus was saying, he was talking about everyday life, trouble, and tribulation. It is people that renamed Gods wrap or the last 7 years to the tribulations.
    Jesus said everyone will have trouble and tribulations, which means everyone alive or dead had these. If the dead had tribulations and they are nolonger with us they cannot be living in revelations times.

  21. cloveeta bertram

    I absolutely absorbed the entire Bible Revelation is quite something spectacular. I cencerely wish it had been made into a film. Would’ve been an awesome teaching tool

  22. Jazzy Jan

    You are an awesome teacher.

  23. michael lennon

    ,Scottie , your doctrine is sound , I have good discernment and I’m big on crosschecking all verses , at least 3 or 4 to consider a doctrine. You proofread nicely. I’m down plugging into your lead on Rev 12.

  24. Tony Holly S

    God Bless you Scottie, great job!

  25. Donna Wheeler

    I haven’t been in school since the mid seventies and even I get it. The original scriptures were not writing in English. There would be less sceptics if they would just truly study.

  26. Brenda Ware

    The one thing I don’t understand is how can the Revelation ,12 sign have to do with the rapture if the church is not after chapter 4. Please respond to this, because it looks like mid trib. according to the sign in the sky. Thanks!

  27. evelyn denton

    Scotty, I am just beginning to watch your videos, And I have a hearing problem. Why do you not have CC on your videos ? Was told how I could glean so much info from your Vs. Please start using the closed captoning for us oldies.

  28. evelyn denton

    Oh by the way, God bless you.

  29. Keith Elrod

    Thank you for your video.  I ended up writing a book that studies Revelation chapter by chapter.  The book interprets Scripture with Scripture.  The book ended up being totally different from today’s popular interpretation of Revelation.  I found out that today’s interpretation has only been around for 200 years.  All the questions I had with Revelation and Daniel are answered in the book.  Just search keith elrod on amazon and on you tube.

  30. Sally Hobbs

    Excellent teaching! I agree!
    God bless you! We ?& ?!

  31. valerie ruscio

    Lol … Look what I found !! I’m so thankful God is timeless!

  32. Joe Monroe

    They have to use “rapture” to avoid the “gathering” which is clearly linked to the day of the Lord which is after the tribulation of those days.


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