Search Engine Marketing Grows Hobart Church Congregation

Hobart Church Grows With Online Marketing

Church in Tasmania grows membership with digital marketing companyThere is much to be thankful for at a church in Hobart, Tasmania. One of our Australian readers reached out to us with an amazing story about how their congregation was able to greatly increase their membership after a period of dwindling numbers by using a digital marketing technique called SEO. She wanted to share the story of her church with us out of love for her community, but also out of love for our Lord who has guided her to help other Christian communities strengthen their congregation. She wished for her name to remain anonymous, however she did want us to pass along a message for her- “No matter what situation you may be facing in your home, in your community, or within yourself, know that Jesus loves you and will always show you the answers you need. He did just that for our congregation I know He will guide you as well.”

Apparently several prominent families within the St. George’s Anglican Church congregation had all moved away from Hobart at around the same time. The church tried several various methods to rebuild and strengthen their community. These strategies included organizing monthly sporting events and family outings such as golfing, youth kickball, bowling nights, and family cookouts. They tried growing membership by hosting youth camp-outs, and also by adding additional times of worship throughout the week. These efforts did help slightly, however, there was still a few too many empty pews on a regular basis. The Australian church was feeling a bit disheartened and took to prayer. They held a mass where the minister of the church asked God for guidance and asked for the light of the Lord to show them the way to salvation. The next week, one of the members of the perish approached the minister of the church with a modern solution to their membership problem. The member had heard that one of their friends increased the amount of foot traffic that was going to their local restaurant by hiring a local SEO company in Hobart. The minister of the church was a bit weary at first but after he heard a bit more about the great results that local restaurant was getting, he decided it was worth a shot. The church began a digital marketing campaign with the intention of growing the online presence of their church through Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It only took one month before St George’s Anglican Church had a brand new website that looked fresh and lively. Then, only a few months after the beginning of their marketing campaign, they started to see an increase in visitors and membership on Sundays. The congregation had grown in less than a year from needing to fill the pews, to having standing room only.

Here are Faith Marketing Business Consulting we are so happy that our Christian friend and Australian reader decided to share their story with us. It bring great joy and happiness to our hearts to know that the prayers of your church were answered by our Lord God, and that your congregation is now happy and healthy. We also think it’s a great learning moment for all Christians and church leaders alike, that digital marketing can be a useful tool in our efforts to spread the Word of God.

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