AtheistsBible Study #1 -The Bible Reloaded

AtheistsBible Study #1 -The Bible Reloaded

The Bible Reloaded: The Atheist Podcast
Episode 1: Genesis 1-
“In the Beginning, God…”
Jake and Hugo, two Atheists, begin their Biblical journey in the Old Testament, the Book of Genesis…
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Comments (14)

  1. brae Mckee

    did you know the cocain plant is pure green and the poppy seed plant is seed bearing

  2. Arianna Harris

    My mom is a literalist (it’s sad really) and I’m an atheist. That’s why I’m watching this in the first place because she keeps telling me to read the bible >:)

  3. Arianna Harris

    I’m an atheist that has a very Christian family and since I was raised on these stories it makes this even funnier! I’ve already laughed so many times in the same room as my insanely Christian parents! It’s great!

  4. Jamie DeLima

    Jesus Christ this is old

  5. Jamie DeLima

    Still good

  6. One Conscious Being

    The Bible Reloaded is Perfectionism! Much gratitude for making my religious research so easy and funny!

  7. Fabian Klein

    But planes start on an airPORTs. This HAS to have to do something with water. And like everyone knows the earth was created 6 THOUSAND years ago, so all the rain has just emptied the sky. By that you can also see that God still is out there, because every time it rains he just had brought new water up there. But because of the first rule there is no other God beside him and bringing up water is that boring, that God don’t completely refills the sky, but also has nogody else to do it for him. Surely he could do it by himself, but he just don’t wants to. Who are you to question God?

  8. Caleb Tynes

    You know, I never realized how much stupidity resides in the creation myth until now.

  9. Drazex

    Wow, coming back to rewatch this series from the beginning… The style/audio/effects are all so different 0.o Just wow, so much improvement over time…

  10. Insert insult Here

    Can hear the condescension dripping off their voices.

    Edgy video, guys.

  11. Erik Boehm

    Just a small nitpick about the stars (talking about ones individually visible to the naked eye, not distant galaxies)

  12. Jay Reference

    “having a better understanding of the Bible than the people who are Christan”

    This shit happened to me once. Someone tried to tell me that trans people were terrible because the Bible said that they were given a gender and they should keep it, and I came back with “the Bible also says ‘there is no man, there is no woman, only God’

  13. supleted

    Dear Hugo and Jake:

    I come from the distant year of 2018. I had just witnessed Jake devour 4 out of 12 luke-warm hot pockets and laughing at this very video in a mad attempt to get people with erotic whale as a username to donate to their live-stream, the thumbnail of said live-stream were the two of you embracing in a passionate kiss. Something went wrong in the time stream and you have to delete this channel before January 6th of 2018! Time is of the essence!

    …the black hoof rises.

  14. VeryPeeved

    “warning: talking animals”


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