Jake Kills Markiplier! – Atheist Bible Study #82

Jake Kills Markiplier! – Atheist Bible Study #82

Elijah lays on a dead kid, and Jake murders popular YouTuber and all-around nice guy, Markiplier!

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Comments (14)

  1. Formor Immington

    Dude, it’s Ba’al / בעל / بعل, not Bael. Any self-respecting biblical scholar should be able to voice a pharyngeal fricative.

  2. Carlos Obispo

    very misleading title . and “the bible reloaded”?? are for or against humanity?

  3. Carlos Obispo

    that playdoh syringe looks like a dick hahahaha

  4. Andrew Ponder

    sooo… if it had been a drought, where did Elijah get all that water from?

  5. Carlos Obispo

    well it just made it seem like atheist were studying the bible feel my vibe and sorry I taketh that back good sir

  6. Sidney Meyers

    the fuck guys!

  7. Kekistani Refugee

    I’d worship Baal over Jehovah, Baal gets you holy prostitutes and you get to kill annoying babies, while Jehovah is a fucked up dude as seen in the Bible :I

  8. Sennith

    That Markeplier dream…
    The equivalent to me would be having the same dream with Gronk.
    Being forced to kill the genuinely nicest guy you can imagine, wow.

  9. John Oliver

    figure that one out Freud.

    John Buchan is a true Scotsman.

  10. JustOneAsbesto

    Wait a minute… You guys said they didn’t even have trenches lback then ike LAST EPISODE.

    Such disappoint.

  11. Burke Johnson

    I would pay to watch Jake and Markiplier fight to the death lol. Engage in glorious combat for the fate of YouTube!

  12. David Ortiz

    He didn’t use god the rocks probably had sulfur in it and the water some sort of unknown reactant and after a few seconds soaking in water everything started up although I realize the stories probably made up I’m just saying if it DID happen there are natural means

  13. Wayne Clark

    Atheists are so ignorant sad

  14. Majestic Doggo

    Do you believe in god??? ???


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