Monthly Archive: July 2019

Church Guitar Lessons Phoenix

Hello everyone, thanks for the emails last week. We always appreciate your feedback on the newsletters we email out every month and last month’s replies were awesome. We will keep sending out valuable emails to our members and look forward to helping you all find success through faith and business.

Musical Performance At Church

We wanted to give a shout out to one of our sister churches in Phoenix, Arizona that has recently begun giving guitar lessons in Phoenix to underprivileged children and church members that have expressed an interest in playing in the church band. The church band has grown to a 10 piece band and will have room for growth this winter as they look to grow their orchestral section. This growth may require the Church to remodel if the live stage isn’t able to facilitate the growth of the band.

The church band currently consists of a drummer, lead singer, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass guitarist, saxophone, violin, trumpet, harmonica, and keyboard/piano. The instrumentation is heavenly, both figuratively, and literally. They are writing original songs of praise that will be recorded and performed this winter for the holidays. Christmas music is always a hit, having a church band perform these songs for Jesus is just as rewarding for the players as it is the audience.

Taking Music Lessons Through Your Local Church

If you are blessed enough to attend a congregation in Phoenix, then consider yourself lucky, But if you attend a congregation in Phoenix that has a church choir, or church band, consider yourself extremely lucky. Now, we are excited to share that our sister church has begun to offer music lessons to members of the church. Most notably, the head music director will be offering guitar lessons in Phoenix at The Note Room Academy of Music. Students will be able to travel to this private music studio to learn from one of Arizona’s most sought after music instructors. He also teaches at the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Tempe, Arizona when he’s not leading the church band or teaching at the Note Room. Lessons for other musical instruments will soon be made available as soon as he has enough students. If you live in the Phoenix-Metro area and would like to learn more about the program, just reply to the news letter that we sent out and we will get you more information.

Music And The Church

Songs of praise and worship have become a major part of Sunday worship for many religions. The music we play and sing is a message from God, a gift to all of us, and to be able to practice and perform these musical pieces together as an organization is truly a blessing. We look forward to learning more about this program in Phoenix, learning about all the young people that are learning and performing every Sunday, and hearing from you about how your local chapter is using music for worship. Reply to the email and we will feature your story in next months news letter. Thank you for your continued support.

Oklahoma Church Vandalized

Church In Oklahoma Vandalized – Broken Windows Everywhere

Another one of our sister churches has become victim to vandalism in Oklahoma. Windows were broken and graffiti was plastered across the entryway. Fortunately, none of the stained glass was damaged, most of that glass was located high within the structure and out of reach of the vandals.

They will be having a community volunteer day where members of the church will gather to help restore the damage done to the building. There have been local volunteers that have already reached out to help paint the exterior of the church, repair the broken windows, and clean up the debris left behind.

Vandals Continue To Attack Churches In Oklahoma

This isn’t the first time an Oklahoma church has been attacked by vandals. There seems to be a growing trend of people damaging church property in Oklahoma. There was a man in June that was arrested for vandalizing a church in Tulsa. A Muskogee church was vandalized back in January, and now our sister church has experienced a similar problem.

Let God Deal With Vandals

There were not active video cameras on the property recording the incident at the time. This means there is no evidence of the perpetrators, so finding these vandals will be extremely difficult unless someone comes forward and points them out. While we wish we could press charges, we need to leave matters like these in the hands of God to judge. There will be a time when individuals like this will face judgment day and have to answer for their sins. Damaging church property is a violent act directed towards God and his followers, and there will be a price to pay at some point.

Monthly Emails

For those of you that subscribe to our monthly newsletter, we will be active again with that campaign after the summer months. Currently, most of our team is traveling and doing mission work out of state. Fall will mark the return of our team and allow us to focus on creating a larger business networking community for our affiliates and sister churches.