cracked cement staircase

One of our sister churches in Oklahoma has recently experienced an issue with the cement foundation on the church property. The church structure was built on a minor slope and recently they have experienced a shift with their foundation. It was first noticed last Sunday as members were walking up the cement staircase to the entryway of the church. There were noticeable cracks in the cement stairs, and some members commented that the actual structure looked like it had slightly shifted. After researching these claims further, it became obvious that the cement foundation on the property shifted slightly as the result of a nearby landslide. On the backside of the hill, a river had eroded the hillside and after heavy rains, a large chunk of earth slid to the river bank. While the church was built on the opposite side of the hill, it was still impacted by this massive movement of earth. Landslides aren’t real common in Oklahoma, however, if the conditions are right, there are some risks of landslides as we have recently experienced.

Thankfully nobody was hurt and the mudslide took place late in the evening when the church was empty. There are some plumbing issues that need to be fixed and we will begin calling around to get quotes on plumbing repair and custom concrete work for the Oklahoma City location. If there are any members of the congregation that are on this email list that can repair and stain concrete, you can reply to my email after reading this article. With so many members of the community there in Oklahoma, we should know someone that can provide a quote, or may know someone that can provide a quote for both the plumbing work and the concrete work.

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