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Partnering With Denver Barbershop To Groom Homeless

Grooming The Homeless With Denver Barbershop

Denver barber grooming homelessSome more exciting news for our readers and our community. If you are here because of the email blast we just sent out, then welcome and thank you for being a part of our little community. If you stumbled across this randomly then we welcome you to sign up for our emails and get involved with all the positive things we are trying to accomplish out there in the world.

In November we will be teaming up with a barber that’s similar to Franks Barbershop in Denver to groom the homeless in the downtown Denver area. You can learn more about the types of Barbers we are trying to partner with like this Denver Barbershop here at the Denver Journal. Together we will help groom those in need and prepare them for the upcoming holiday season. Having a haircut, a beard trim, and some clean finger nails can make enjoying Thanksgiving dinner that much more pleasurable. At Faith Marketing Business Consulting we have made it our goal to make a difference in our local communities this holiday season. With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time for us to get involved and start planning for these events. We will also need to get the word out into the homeless communities so that they have ample time to prepare and can find transportation if needed.

We are looking for more businesses to volunteer their time and resources to events like these. We currently have active communities in North Carolina, New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Denver Colorado, and Washington State. These local community outreach programs have proved to be effective and continue to support those in need in those areas. We believe by making a difference on a local level we can start making a global impact across the globe and marketing our faith online and on the ground in the communities that need us most. If we can change lives, and change hearts, we may be able to change the way that people look at organized religion. We have seen a decline in attendance across the country in our churches and affiliate churches, and we need to reverse that trend. The little things tend to make a huge difference, and something as simple as grooming the homeless in time for the holidays may be enough to make believers out of them and the communities they are part of.

Texas Parish To Install Storm Shelter

New Storm Shelter Being Installed at Texas Parish

natural disasters

Remodel is underway at one of our Texas locations and will soon be reopen for worship. Many of our friends there had expressed concern over the old brick building and it’s stability during a hurricane or a tornado. Contractors were hired to construct a steel frame on the interior of the building that would prevent any rubble from falling inwards onto worshipers if a storm were to pass through. The steel frame was constructed and reinforced with a steel mesh netting that would act like a net and catch or deflect and brick or debris that fell during a storm. After the interior was rebuilt, they reinforced the brick with more mortar and replaced any old pieces that were broken or cracked. The property sits on an acre of land and had an old barn where chickens had been raised for years, eggs were provided for breakfast before church began for many years but that has long been gone. below ground storm shelterThey reinforced the old barn also with the same steel frame that the Church was rebuilt with and modified some of the wood structure on the exterior. They also installed a below ground storm shelter that is big enough to fit the entire congregation if a hurricane or tornado should pass through. The storm shelter was equipped with battery fed power generators, a refrigerator, radio communications, lights, water, and food rations. There are enough supplies in there to care for the entire congregation for three days. There is an electric door opener that is connected to a powerful winch that will open the door on the shelter even if debris from the barn structure were to crash down on the lid. We are thrilled to say that we are prepared for the next Hurricane Harvey or tornado that may rip through Texas, and are extremely blessed to know that our Texas congregation will be safe in the event of a natural disaster.

The Retirement of Father Allen Switzer

Father Allen Switzer Retires

retired preacher Allen Switzer

We are thankful for all of the faithful God fearing servants that have been a part of our faith based marketing team. Providing skill sets and knowledge to Churches around the world and helping them grow in their local communities and market their churches online has always been our goal. Today we say goodbye to one of the most productive faith based marketers we have ever had the blessing to work with. Father Allen Switzer came to us over 20 years ago as a media specialists. He had connections to various publications and billboard owners throughout the world and was an integral part in the growth of our marketing team. Father Switzer has given his life to the lord and has worshiped him with a fearless belief in everything the Bible teaches. His love for the lord and marketing prowess made him an authentic, informative, and absolute member of our marketing team. Today we lose an irreplaceable component of this faith based project team that will be missed dearly. Father Switzer led missions around the world, provided disaster relief in regions struck by natural disasters, fed the hungry, gave to the poor, and helped over 100 churches around the world market their missions in the local communities that they were built in. In this digital age father Switzer was less technical with computers and internet technology, but was somehow able to pass his knowledge of marketing along to our team of young missionary bloggers to help them create spiritual content for the Churches we serve. We are sad to see him leave, but we are proud to call him a friend, father, and fellow missionary that served gracefully by our sides through the good and bad. He will be traveling a great distance to settle down into a long term retirement center in New York. Father Switzer with live out his amazing life in the comforts of The Amsterdam at Harborside retirement community on Long Island. He will be cared for by the staff located on the property and regularly visited by missionaries visiting our New York Parrish. Together we want to thank father Switzer for his dedication to the team, his love for the community, and his unshakable faith in the lord that inspired us every day to serve our lord and savior and help the Churches around the globe market their churches to the local communities. On behalf of all of us at FMBC we want to say thank you and God Bless you and your new journey through life as you complete your mission in the Long Island retirement community.