Replacing The Roof at Our Oklahoma Church

Hi everyone, we are back just in time for the holidays. This winter, we have had storms in multiple states that have caused damage to some of our sister parishes. Arizona had heavy snow and rainfall in the northern parts, and Oklahoma has seen some heavy rains as well. One of our favorite churches in North Dakota also witnesses some damage from heavy snowfall. Some of these old church buildings are falling apart due to age and will need some renovation soon. There are some older church buildings downtown Oklahoma City that are historic and have held up to the outdoor elements over the years. Still, these old churches in the rural areas of Oklahoma are falling victim to heavy rains and bad weather.

Roofing Inspection

We had a roofing inspector out to assess the damage, and it was noted that we needed new support beams, insulation, and also had a roof rat problem. The expenses can quickly accumulate in these old buildings. Water damage to the interior also meant that we had to replace sheetrock in the ceiling and walls in specific areas of the church. The carpeting was old enough that we decided to pull it out and stain the concrete floors for a more manageable surface area should the roof leak again.

No Roofing Connections

Sometimes we have members of the church that have friends or family that hang sheetrock or offer carpeting services in OKC, but we required roofing and insulation services. None of our members had a resource they could recommend. After searching Oklahoma City for a roofing contractor, we stumbled across Salazar Roofing and contacted them. They were straightforward to work with, pricing seemed fair, and the job was completed within our allocated budget, and on time. We were thrilled that the church was back open in just a few weeks, and the workers at Salazar were able to make all the necessary roof repairs needed to prevent water damage in the future.

Update The Flooring

The carpet was ripped out, and the concrete was stained. Members of the church gathered and tore out the sheetrock and prepped the area for the construction crew. There was a general contractor in Oklahoma City that was able to haul the trash away and bring in a team to hang the new sheetrock. We then contacted a commercial painting company to come out and paint the trim on the exterior of the roof, the interior ceiling, and the walls that were replaced.

Happy With The Services

Overall, we were delighted with all the help we received, both from members of the church, and the professional contractors we worked with locally here in Oklahoma City. These old structures are made of tough brick exteriors, but the aged shingled roofing begins to rot, and that’s when unwanted critters can make their way into your attic space. Squirrels, birds, bats, raccoons, and roof rats are common pests in Oklahoma that can invade the attic area of your home or office. Hiring a quality pest control company to exterminate these pests will add to the life expectancy of your structure. These rodents claw and bite their way through wiring, rotten wood, and sheetrock to find food and shelter. You can install pest detouring statues on the roof that might work for a while, but having a solid roof without openings is the best way to prevent these critters from entering your home or office.

Plans For The New Year

We will have some more updates as we head into this new year. 2020 is around the corner, and it will be the start of a new year. We hope to become more consistent with our blogging and email newsletters. If you have not signed up for our newsletters, you can visit our social media page and send me a request. I will add your email to our mail chimp account, so you receive our monthly. Thank you, and happy holidays.

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