The Value in Hiring a Media Buying Agency

You need ad space, there are now professionals who will buy it for you. If you’re currently weighing up the pros and cons of hiring a media buying agency, allow us to discuss the benefits of doing so! You can learn more about media planning and buying, the process involved, and the added value to your overall marketing efforts by checking out some of the other resources we have provided here. Continue reading to learn more about the value in outsourcing this process to a media buying professional. 

Smart Budget Decisions 

When you only have a certain amount in your budget, it’s important you don’t waste a single dollar. Fortunately, the very best media buyers will research and ensure you get the ad space you need to achieve your goals. Since they know all the different outlets, their experience will help them create a strategy that works for YOU. 

Too often, we make decisions based on emotion whether it’s our favorite station or magazine. Thankfully, a media buying agency will only make decisions based on your strategy and getting results. With this, your brand gets in front of the right eyes and you get the best return for your advertising investment. 

Experience and Negotiating Power

Although this sounds obvious, you can’t underestimate the experience of media buying agencies when pushing for ad space. We’ve discovered the access they have to different outlets, but even simple things like understanding the industry lingo can come in handy. With media buying, there’s all sorts of terminology that can cause problems when going it alone. 

Elsewhere, this experience will be useful when it comes to negotiating. Rather than making mistakes and paying more than necessary, the agency will know exactly the questions to ask and how to save those precious pennies. For media outlets, they would much rather deal with you than a buying agency because they can squeeze more money from you. 

Ease the Workload 

Let’s face it, we all have enough on our plate. By outsourcing this work to a media buying agency, you enjoy their expert help while also taking a task off of your mind. Suddenly, you have more time to put towards other jobs. 

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning the soliciting calls you receive when dealing with stations directly. The more contact information you put out into the world, the more calls you’ll get from people wanting your money. Why not get an agent and allow them to deal with all the calls, scheduling, and negotiating?

Ad Efficiency 

As we all know by now, there are good times and bad times to advertise. When going directly, there’s a high chance that your ads will get the poor time slots. Whether it’s on the radio or online, companies need to fill the full 24 hours. With one wrong move, your ad is playing in the middle of the night and you don’t benefit at all. 

Luckily, a buying agent will be aware of this problem and they will battle to get your ad into the best locations and at the best times. With this, you get more exposure and your time is spent taking calls from new clients rather than wondering where it all went wrong. 

Return on Investment 

All in all, you get a great return on investment for a number of reasons. Not only is the agency literally making your money go further, you’re freeing your own time for more important tasks like managing your business and finances. After hiring a media buying agency, plenty of business owners and managers have commented on the additional work they have managed to complete as a result. 

Today, there are many wonderful media buying agencies so feel free to peruse the market and speak with different services. Soon enough, you’ll find one that matches your own ambitions both now and long into the future!

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