The Bible Reloaded: The Atheist Bible Study

The Bible Reloaded: The Atheist Bible Study

Come on a journey of Biblical proportions with Jake and Hugo as they read from cover to cover, the NIV Bible. That sounds boring as shit you say? Well it isn’t, we promise. But don’t take our word for it, take the word of thousands of Atheists that agree “They’re like the Daily Show of Atheism”- @TheSheepySheep


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Jake’s Twitter- @BibleReloaded

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Theme Song- “Hugo and Jake”

Written, performed, and sung by- Dorian Silk

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Comments (14)

  1. bodmitri

    Great video… Please check out , ,
    for more discussions, study topics and Bible history… We’d love for
    you to join our forum community. Please sign up today and tell all your
    friends about it…. See you in the discussions…

  2. Sonya Gower

    how can an atheist have something they dont believe in? lol mmm mmm mm
    too funny! OH and reading from an NIV you will surely be mislead! since the kenite changed some of it!

  3. Graham Ariss

    Has something gone wrong, as i am just getting the titles music and pictures?

  4. Dylan Burke

    who is the guy at 29-30?

  5. Jae Waitwhat

    guess I might as well start watching this bullshit Playlist since I’ve watched almost all of the bullshit Chick Tracts.

  6. Norwei-3rd-gen

    For the longest time, I thought this was the into:

    It’s the bible reloaded
    Tragic explosion
    Like Jesus and Moses
    But it’s Hugo and Jake

    The bible is jaded
    And most of it’s hated
    So getting to keep it
    With Hugo and Jake

    Pull up a pew and
    Someone should do it
    It’s bible reloaded time

    They’ve gone and debated
    But feeling so hated
    Like talking to Satan
    But it’s Hugo and Jake

    So on with the show that
    Is not getting old
    It’s the bible reloaded
    With Hugo end Jake

    With Hugo and Jake

  7. vulcanhumor

    I just put this video on mute and played the Attack on Titan theme over it.

    That song really does go with everything.

  8. Darian Stephens

    Even after all this time, I’m still disappointed that I’ve not found a clean instrumental of this song, besides the occasional few seconds at the end of some videos.

  9. Lugh

    The greatest podcast.

  10. NBT 23

    you guys have an AMAZING intro.

  11. Dylan Graves

    Man… STILL the greatest intro ever. I get it stuck in my head all the time and then have to remind myself that it’s just the intro to an (originally low-budget) atheist bible study.

  12. Mr. Moe Lester

    I can’t decide between this and the creationist cats intro (if I had to choose though I would pick this)

  13. Tom Center

    OMFG- this is amazing !! Super Job.

  14. Suthern Belle

    My resolution for 2018 – Watch all TBR Bible studies in order! Let’s do this!


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