Atheist Bible Study #6- Noah’s Ark Part 2, “Cow Farts v. God’s Will”

Atheist Bible Study #6- Noah’s Ark Part 2, “Cow Farts v. God’s Will”

Jake and Hugo Finish up Noah’s Ark and the story of the flood.
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Dear Viewers,

So yeah, the quality of these videos will be going up because Hugo and I now split the workload, giving us more time to develope sections. Also, we’ve cleaned up the sound considerably. Hope the uptick in quality is noticable and We hope to improve even more over time.
Thanks Everybody,
Jake and Hugo

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  1. waynestar100

    man great videos. btw you still need that new picture?

  2. Ben

    I believe in the story that it rained for 40 days, and it took 150 days for the water to magically disappear.  so the 40 days thing isn’t necessarily wrong, assuming that this event happened.

  3. Yal Rathol

    where did the water go?

    god blew on it and it went away!


  4. Reverend Reko

    Actually it can’t be genocide. God specifically intended each and every species to survive, hence the ark. The flood Myth therefor cannot be a genocide take, rather it is simply the tale of the single greatest mass murder in literature.

    Well technically genocide can be defined as intentional destroy a people in part or in whole. But that definition seems, hallow to me. That means what South African militants are doing to the Afrikaners is genocide, they are attempting to destroy a people in part. Since it is generally accepted that only stormfags would ever claim white genocide is real, that would seem to make the definition of genocide inadequate for the actual usage of the word as it can be broadly applied am to things that aren’t genocide.

    At which point words become whoo.

    So fuck it. Why did I write this?

  5. duff man

    lol i love how predator is in the photos

  6. Bunny 0409

    my hardcore christian mom walked in on me listening to this

  7. Raymond Whatley

    Another great flood myth is the one from the Epic of Gilgamesh in which it wasn’t because people are evil but because we were making too much noise. One of the gods then tells Utnapishtim that the flood is coming and so he does the Noah thing and survives. Then the head god realizes that he didn’t kill all the mortals like he said he would so he makes Utnapishtim immortal so that he won’t be wrong on a technicality. Also many scholars now believe that the prevalence of flood myths comes from the fact that the black sea flooded at one point and that the people scattered by that catastrophic flood made myths about it which became larger over time and ended up spreading throughout Europe and Asia. I suspect though that most human cultures encounter some kind of flood at some point in their history and it’s not such a leap to say “what if the whole world flooded” and then it’s not such a leap to then say “well then a guy would have to build a boat to survive it so that there would be people now” and then someone would say “What about animals” and the first guy would say “right, he took a couple of every animal so that they could repopulate the world”. I would be surprised if this weren’t a story that crops up at random in most cultures. I also think it’s interesting that some versions also mention the dude bringing seeds aboard the boat.



  9. theScytheofGod

    I GOT IT! The white people in Europe used the myth of Jesus to prevent human sacrifice in Europe!

    There was human sacrifice all over Europe (England & Ireland, especially). Whenever they built a bridge over a river, some poor, virgin girl had to give her life to appease the water spirits.

    Hell, even London Bridge has human sacrifices built into its structure.

    I understand now why they went all over the world trying to change people. They thought everyone else was just and disgusting and nasty and crazy as they were and wanted it stopped.

  10. caleb braha

    You said that he killed all life other than sea life and life in the arch but to be fair most sea life

  11. caleb braha

    Would also die

  12. caleb braha

    Cause of fresh water mixing with salt water and water pressures changing and water heights changing

  13. nocturalExplorer

    6:00 “the waters flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days”
    7:00 “it’s over 11 months”
    Those two numbers… don’t really fit together… (Even if you add the 40 rainy days and such the highest I get to is ~230 and that’s pretty far from the ~330 days you’d need for those 11 months. Unless you either misread the 2 as a 3 or added extra days for how long it’d take for the rain to cover up the mountains completely.)
    So… were you talking about a different number? Because that seems like a pretty big oversight to go unnoticed/uncorrected (in the form of e.g. annotations) for roughly 4 years, y’know?xD

    (But yeah. This is awesome, huge props for doing this and I’ll keep on watching now because there’s still kind of a lot of videos left.)

  14. Dominic Mahoney

    Thanks for the video.Keep up the good work.

  15. Mizunashi Akari

    that’s why god hates gays!
    they’re so rainbow related that they are always reminding him not to killl everyone

  16. dereinzigwahreRahl

    Hmm I wonder if Hugo and Jake got educated on the whole genetic defects nonsense they’re telling us here, because Incest doesn’t create defect genes.

  17. LookIntoItLIT Philosophy

    i think that if there is atleast 1% truth to this story… am assuming the following …..noah thought the earth was flat; noah’s village experienced a tsunami … and noah thought the whole world was flooded because there could never be any life existing beyond the edge of the flat earth… hence when they got flooded, thats the whole earth that got flooded… hahaha smfh …creationists …. smh i hate my upbringing lol….

  18. Luna Jaye

    What was the name of the remix in this video?

  19. Ian Bond

    When a rare steak bleeds it’s not blood, but water and a protein called myoglobin.

  20. Sean D. Daily

    They used the methane to fuel the ark’s turbines. Also, Master Blaster is involved somehow. And God likes barbecue, because he has good taste.

  21. Tungsten Tourniquets

    I do kinda like the whole “setting a bow on a rack” thing that the original writers tried to do. Horrible implications, but clever.

  22. victor dennett

    When you guys get to 300 I want a beej.

  23. Vapor Pallazzo

    Just go to Festus Missouri if you need proof that Manatees survived. Their king will give you an account of their long sojourn to the Ark.

  24. Greylai

    can they please make a tv show about god that is this light hearted and ridiculous?
    one episode will be about how god has awful memory and needs the rainbow to remind him not to kill everybody.

  25. Butschrick

    I’m reading the German Bible and they have translated the bow Metaphor correctly.
    “9:13 Meinen Bogen habe ich in die Wolken gesetzt; der soll das Zeichen sein des Bundes zwischen mir und der Erde.” Rainbow would of been Regenbogen.

  26. Tyler Santana

    Little know fact, manatees are my great state of Floridas state Cow

  27. Charlotte H

    idk why you guys mention incest so much like bible or not (not bc it’s bullshit but anyway) the first humans would have had to commited incest.

  28. Free Speech Matters

    7 PAIRS of clean animals and birds meaning 14 we know this because the passage the reads seven also reads 1 pair of every unclean animal nit picky I know but what ever

  29. Puttincomputers

    Have you guys ever heard of the Expanding Earth Theory? It was developed by an evolutionists and is supposedly backed up scientific evidence. It could explain why the water could cover the entire earth in the past and not now.

  30. Paulette Williams

    Okay I need this batman theme song remix tho 2017

  31. Cor Atro

    So every time a hurricane, typhoon, cyclone or tornado comes around and you see a rainbow, God is apologizing to the people for destroying their town. 🙂 Does that mean that the double rainbow is God double-remembering the covenant for Earth to never flood it again?

  32. Eric Grooters

    water for the flood= 4.3 times the water on earth***

  33. D T

    God gives understanding of His word. No-one can understand the Bible, until God gives the understanding.

    How dare you, finite creation, mock the living infinite God who created you and died for you?

    As a sinner, you have a choice to make, you can choose life or death. Sin is a crime against God, sin and crime deserves punishment. What stops you from choosing life? You can’t blame God if YOU CHOOSE not to believe.

    Believe the gospel and repent of your sins.

  34. Arianna Harris

    Apparently Morgan Freeman is god now

  35. Arianna Harris

    I’ve always told my mom that if it turns out Christianity is real (highly unlikely), I’d rather go to hell than associate myself with such an evil and crazy god.

  36. Alex Reinke

    Did they actually cause a species to go extinct because of the sacrifice? They brought a bunch of pairs of many kinds of animals

  37. Travis Croy

    Wow it is amazing to see how far you all have come. Proud of you both, keep up the amazing work.

  38. the whizkid

    13:09 Tassie Devil Cameo, good to see it represented

  39. the whizkid

    Also there are a few more flood myths


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