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Atheist Bible Study #4: “Don’t Bludgeon Me Bro!”

Atheist Bible Study #4: “Don’t Bludgeon Me Bro!”

Jake and Hugo read Gensis, Chapters 4 & 5. Cain and Abel followed by the fucking horrible genealogy of the Bible.
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Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith Group Bible Study by Andy Stanley – Session 1

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith Group Bible Study by Andy Stanley – Session 1

The DVD and Guide are available at: – – –
North Point Ministries –

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith group Bible study by Andy Stanley.

In Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith, Andy Stanley of North Point Community Church will help you imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had absolute confidence that God was with you.

Imagine how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and was planning to leverage it for good. In other words, imagine what it would be like to have PERFECT faith. In this DVD study, Andy Stanley builds a biblical case for five things God uses to grow BIG faith.

In six video sessions, Andy covers the following topics:
• Big Faith
• Practical Teaching
• Providential Relationships
• Private Disciplines
• Personal Ministry
• Pivotal Circumstances

This tremendous DVD resource will equip anyone that watches it to be a more mature follower of Jesus Christ.

Andy Stanley is the founder of North Point Ministries, Inc. (NPM). Each Sunday, more than 33,000 people attend one of NPM’s seven Atlanta-area churches. In addition, NPM has planted over 25 churches outside the metro Atlanta area with a combined weekly attendance of more than 15,000. Over one million of Andy’s messages are accessed from our North Point websites monthly, including both leadership and sermon content. To learn more and to access our free online resources, visit us at

Knowing My Identity from Youth Bible Study featuring Eric Mason – Bluefish TV

Knowing My Identity from Youth Bible Study featuring Eric Mason – Bluefish TV

Brett gives a powerful and personal spoken word performance written from his own experience of not letting his appearance dictate his own identity but choosing to allow God to mold who he is.

Download a high quality version of this video at or get it as part of your streaming subscription to

Identity – featuring teaching from Eric Mason

Who are you?

Our world values being unique. So much so, that we end up looking the same as we try to be different. But we aren’t a number. We aren’t our clothes, our relationships or our accomplishments. In Christ we are much more.

In these four thought-provoking sessions, Eric Mason compares the message the world constantly tells teens about their identity with the truths found in Scripture. The world tells us it’s all about how you look, what you have, what you do, and whom you are connected to. But Scripture teaches that while those things can be important, they do not constitute who you are. As followers of Jesus Christ, our identity is found in Him.

With biblical teaching and real-life stories, this series will help students ground their identity in Christ and live boldly as children of God and heirs of heaven.

Four sessions:
Session 1 — Image
Session 2 — Choices
Session 3 — Relationships
Session 4 — Accomplishments

Eric Mason bio:
Eric Mason is the co-founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia. He is known for articulating and proclaiming the gospel with clarity, passion, and authority at churches and conferences nationally. In addition to his role at Epiphany Fellowship, Eric serves as the president of Thriving, a ministry dedicated to aiding ethnic minorities to be resourced and trained for ministry to the urban context. He also serves on the boards of the Acts 29 Network and Reach Life Ministries. Eric received his Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary as well as a Doctorate degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He resides in Philadelphia with his wife, Yvette, and their two sons.

Failon Ngayon: “Bible Study of Pastor Hokage” Facebook group

Failon Ngayon: “Bible Study of Pastor Hokage” Facebook group

Failon Ngayon takes a look at how the “Bible Study of Pastor Hokage” Facebook page works. Czarina Ching files a formal complaint against the administrators and members of the “Bible Study of Pastor Hokage” Facebook group.

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One Thousand Gifts Group Bible Study by Ann Voskamp

One Thousand Gifts Group Bible Study by Ann Voskamp

DVD and Study Guide available here: – – – – –

One Thousand Gifts Group Bible Study by Ann Voskamp.

Begin to find joy in what really matters.

“How do we find joy in the midst of deadlines, debt, drama, and daily duties?” New York Times bestselling author Ann Voskamp wondered. When your days are filled with the mundane, disappointment, or even darkness, how can you break the bondage of self-hatred and fear that has white-knuckle control on your life and instead embrace the everyday blessings that will immerse you in Christ’s fullness? How can you live your life with a heart overflowing with delight?

In this five-session, video-based Bible study, Ann encourages participants to take on the life-changing discipline of journaling God’s gifts – to really look at life and find the good in it. It’s only in this expressing of gratitude for the life we already have that we discover the life we’ve always wanted…a life we can take, give thanks for, and break for others. And only then can we know the impossible right down in our bones: we are wildly loved – by God.

Embark on this personal, honest, and fresh exploration of what it means to be deeply fulfilled, wholly happy, and finally fully alive.

The DVD includes five 18-20 minute video teaching sessions for Ann Voskamp from her farm in Ontario, and the study guide includes video notes, discussion questions and Bible study, between-session activities, and journaling space that will all help you to further explore the topics Ann discusses in the video teaching.

Session titles include:
1. Attitude of Gratitude
2. Grace in the Moment
3. All is Grace
4. Trust: The Bridge to Joy
5. Empty to Fill

Ann Voskamp is a farmer’s wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and the author of the New York Times bestseller One Thousand Gifts. A columnist with DaySpring, a contributing editor to Laity Lodge’s The High Calling, and a writer of articles featured in WORLD Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Christianity Today, Ann partners with Compassion International as a global advocate for needy children. Ann can be found writing about messy grace and a magnificent God at her daily online journal:

Visit Ann’s website at:

What On Earth Am I Here For? Small Group Bible study by Rick Warren

What On Earth Am I Here For? Small Group Bible study by Rick Warren

The all new DVD study and expanded Purpose Driven Life are available at:

What On Earth Am I Here For? Small Group Bible study by Rick Warren.

You are about to embark on a journey of discovery. Throughout this all-new six-session video-based study taught by Rick Warren, you are going to discover the answer to life’s most fundamental question: “What on earth am I here for?”

The What On Earth Am I Here For? video study includes six video teaching sessions from Rick Warren and a study guide that guides participants through each session with video notes, discussion questions, and additional Bible study for use in a group or individually. Whether you are going to experience this adventure with your whole church, with a small group, or on your own, this six-session video-based study will change your life.

When combined with the reading of The Purpose Driven Life, the book Publisher’s Weekly declared the “bestselling nonfiction hardback in history,” this study will give you or your small group the opportunity to discuss the implications and applications of living the life God created you to live.


You Matter to God
Worship — You Were Planned for God’s Pleasure
Fellowship — You Were Formed for God’s Family
Discipleship — You Were Created to Become Like Christ
Ministry — You Were Shaped for Serving God
Evangelism — You Were Made for a Mission

As founding pastor of Saddleback Church, Dr. Rick Warren leads a 30,000 member congregation in California with campuses in major cities around the world. As a theologian, he has lectured at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, University of Judaism, and dozens of universities and seminaries. As a global strategist he advises world leaders and has spoken to the United Nations, US Congress, Davos Economic Forum, TED, Aspen Institute, and numerous parliaments. Rick has also founded the global P.E.A.C.E. plan, which plants churches of reconciliation, equips leaders, assists the poor, cares for the sick, and educates the next generation in 196 countries.

Wednesday Night Bible Study!! With Cora Jakes Coleman!!

Wednesday Night Bible Study!! With Cora Jakes Coleman!!

I pray this service blesses you!! Blessings to you all!!


How to Read and Study the Bible

How to Read and Study the Bible

Sermon for Sunday, February 12, 2017. This is the 124th sermon preached in English on It was preached by Pastor/Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker, who gives some ideas how a Christian can read and study his Bible.