Atheist Bible Study #8 “Our New Logo! Our New Segment! Our Cut Foreskins?!”

Atheist Bible Study #8 “Our New Logo! Our New Segment! Our Cut Foreskins?!”

Jake and Hugo Unveil the NEW LOGO! NEW SEGMENT! and talk about Abraham in the first of a three part series!
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We Do Not own ANYTHING in this video besides our voices/opinions and the NEW LOGO. The Old Logo is owned by Jared Aubel. His work can be found at
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Comments (27)

  1. john doe

    i got cebum when i was morbedly obese(im circumsised :c)

  2. D Moore

    According to the Bible Sarah was 65 years old!!!! I don’t care how hot she was, the Donald Trump of the day- Pharaoh could have any women he wanted. If the story was real, don’t you think he might take a pick of say….I don’t know, perhaps the many 20 year olds around. Yeah, fucking stupid ass made up story.

  3. BigSister LittleBrother

    I love you guys. That is all.

  4. Angelgamester

    Why do you have so many Morgan Freeman pictures?

  5. Aurora Frost

    Posting from the future here…

    As of the 3rd of April, 2017, that runner up thus far never appears again.

  6. Aurora Frost

    Named Abram because he was built like a tank…

  7. Chase Davidson

    Sweet Cheesus, Abram/Abraham and Sarai were FREAKS.

  8. Botar Akutabi

    wait, wouldn’t the slaves be like family members?

  9. Puttincomputers

    I haven’t read Harry Potter. Noooooooooooooooooooo! lol

  10. facts about ur mum

    I thought the sheep one was the best, personally.

  11. Bunk Tastic

    It was the Kellogg brothers Hugo.

  12. Jeremy

    more grossed out over the baby bjs then the sebum mention

  13. kimmie Wise

    I actually feel bad for Ishmel…Like even as a girl I feel bad. Like 13…An entirely new procedure…On your baby maker….That’s just…Nah, nah…I hope he tried to run for it. RUN TO THE HILLS ISHIE! DON’T LOOK BACK IT ONLY MAKES THEM LOOK CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR

  14. J. White

    Your actual intro is far too high quality for this channel lmao

  15. Max Pell

    Just counted and unless I’m mistaken Abraham appears from chapter 12 – 25 , meaning 13…not 30 chapters 😉

  16. Max Pell

    This is why I was pleased to be raised in an atheist family no fucking traumatic foreskin surgery for no good reason

  17. Rebekah Nunes

    the funny thing is Sarah is old but apparently still hot enough for a pharo. so either the pharo likes to sex old ladies or Sarah actually has the body of a much younger woman in which case why would it be surprising for her to become pregnant she probably looks 20.

  18. Hero ForTheWin

    Christ, Christ, Jesus.

  19. I Eat Garbage

    Sell bitches, get cattle.

  20. Mr.Classified 600

    Was that Jake in drag?

  21. Desphinx

    Just imagine for a second being in Abraham’s household.

    Abraham: So, i can’t prove this, but God told me I have to cut a part of your dick off. **He says as he approaches, primitive knife in hand**

    Male: 0_0

  22. C Gamin

    I like to think that the Bible was created by a 10 year old who doesn’t understand history or incest or science and just wants to see everyone die

  23. Desperadox23

    Of cause the FSM is the one true god.Come on, strippers and a beer vulcano.How badass is that?

  24. Desperadox23

    Abram – first pimp in history.

  25. Travis Croy

    I know I’m immature because I just busted into uncontrolled laughter at your proper mention of precum. My grandfather now knows about you all and you can now say you have a 90 year old Lutheran fan. Keep on rocking guys.

  26. getasimbe

    This is probably the funniest duo act I’ve seen on Youtube. You guys complement each other so well, and you’re so hilarious together. I’d love to meet you guys irl!

  27. masterofthecontinuum

    I love how people say that Foreskin Man is a racist comic because the second issue had him fight a feindish mohel caricature. yet every single person he fights is a feindish caricature. Just because people disagree with mohels(and everyone else) cutting baby dicks doesn’t make them an anti-semite. It is their fault that they have a ritual that involves genital mutilation. they can either change it to fit the modern times, or realize that their barbarism is wrong, lest they seclude themselves from any civilized country that cares about child welfare. at the bare minimum, make the child wait until they’re grown for fuck’s sake. let them choose their religion, and their body modifications when they’re an adult.


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