Atheist Bible Study #5 Noah’s Ark Part 1: “I Regret That… Let’s Drown Them”

Atheist Bible Study #5 Noah’s Ark Part 1: “I Regret That… Let’s Drown Them”

Jake and Hugo dive into Noah’s Ark and the Flood Story.

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  1. Clint Elias

    120years for the finishing of the Ark. Not they shall only live to 120. 120 years telling people to get into the Ark, boat, to be safe from the coming storm and building the boat. Your choice, you don’t have to get into the boat and not drown, you have a choice, and your choice won’t be taken away from you, your choice will be respected. And most people’s choice was to out swim the flood. But that’s their choice. Noah talked with them for 120 year’s and they choose to not believe. Not like they didn’t have any information. They saw the boat being built and they heard Noah talk about the coming storm and they made their decision. Drown or not drown, that is the choice. Believe or not believe, your choice.

  2. Emanuel Vega

    Its 7 PAIRS of every clean animal and birds.

  3. Mark Russles

    Sorry is this the King James Bible? Which bible is it,

  4. Bernice Panders

    God called upon Satan to bring forth the EVIL MAGIC of Harry Potter’s enchanted TENT!! It was too much for god by himself to enchant the whole ARK, so the inside was really 100x bigger than the outside!! ???

  5. Alex Reinke

    You fools. You did all the math wrong. Noah wouldn’t need room on the ark for every animal. Sea animals would just stay in the water and flying animals would fly around and only land when they need to. Plus most of the animals that would go on the ark were bugs and they’re really small. Checkmate atheists

  6. Max

    Wonder if they tacked on the “dont listen when others mock you for following a delusional sky daddy voice” thing culturally once they realised that the story wasnt as relevant or scary these days.

  7. MustBeNoodly

    Every part of the story is bollocks and makes no sense, but one thing I just realized. What the fuck is the point of God killing off the entire planet in the first place because he’s disappointed in the result, if he just saves every species by putting them on a boat to repopulate afterwards?

  8. Turtle

    Lion’s r unclean animals because they r gay…i always c 2 lions with manes…maned lions r the male ones


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