Word Study: Shema – “Listen”

Word Study: Shema – “Listen”

Is hearing and listening the same thing? This video, discover how sound entering your ear-drums isn’t synonymous with “listening”, at least from a biblical perspective. This video is the first installment of our Word Studies series, a six-part exploration of the ancient biblical prayer called “The Shema”.

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  1. Jeremy Munyeza

    God Bless You!

  2. pesky myrtyle

    I’m glad I found this channel ?

  3. James Wyatt

    You guys are amazing communicators… Do you have a release for “strength” ?

  4. Scott Dreyer

    Thanks you! Deep insight put on the “lower shelf” so guys like me can understand it!

  5. Nemanja Radovanovic

    Serbian language also have one word for listen and obey.

  6. Jackie J

    Hi Sir,

    I would like your team to create an explanation video on who are the “Sons of Gods” referred in Genesis 6th chapter… Thanks…

  7. Steven Stickney

    Thank You

  8. Matthew Meza

    I really liked the way the video ended in the shape of an ear and tells the whole story

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  10. Dahye Lee

    I love your works!!! Thank you so much~ ^o^

  11. JackTheBlackCat

    u guys have amazing vids

  12. Charles Ramsey

    God bless and good morning and remember to stay strong in the Lord and the power of his might

  13. Jonathan Esayias Berhe

    I wanna apologize to you Mathew and John. For watching your videos all this time and not paying a dime yet. And just seeing you two at the end so tired made me wanna write this.

  14. Heather Joyce-Stevens

    I love these!

  15. Autumn L.- Seasonal Living

    Thank you for this clarification! I’ve always had an issue with the English word “obey” to me it means to act blindly and mindlessly. Surely God wants us to “shema” instead…love it.

  16. Holy Khan

    Thus faith means not merely intellectually assenting – agreeing with the Christian faith – but needs obedience: “hearing”.

  17. Aaron Kelly

    actually… Shema means “gaurd and protect” from Shamir “thorn” as in protecting torah (or practical example, they would place a bee hive in the Christ’s Thorn Jujube, native to Israel to protect the honey from wild animals. This thorn bush was also used to gaurd and protect as a hedge around a flock… Amazingly the (pollination) flower of this thorn made the honey never crystallize… “flowing in milk and honey”. Torah is compared to honey, and ‘full circle’ this was used to crown *Yeshua (*Torah in the flesh).

  18. Chris S

    awesome like always….u guys rock


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