The Gospel Of John: A Verse-By-Verse King James Bible Study

The Gospel Of John: A Verse-By-Verse King James Bible Study

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  1. genabet123

    Thank you for this. It seems extremely helpful.

    Although, I am full British-born. I would be classified as having Turkish-Cypriot roots.
    If one wants to label me in ways of this world.
    Yet, I truly believe, I have had a born again experience.

    I was never really even a moderate-Muslim, or ever religious before.

    I was drinking loads, clubbing, smoking weed/skunk/hashish, womenising, basically enjoying a worldly life of sins without having a clue before.
    Until my cousin, who went from Islam – to being a born again Christian also, mentioned the faith to me.
    So, my research then began fully.

    Although, I was lightly taught to be at an early age about being a so-called moderate-Muslim.
    Also, being circumcised by the WILL of my parents. I wasn’t religious in the slightest.
    Other then being deceived.

    Even though, they ( my parents ) do no not know the Quran properly.
    So, I have questioned them and myself.
    What’s my purpose and the point of me being here ?
    Why, should I believe in something, I was told to believe in. Generation to generation, just because of my forefathers believed it so ?
    Which I believe, are a set up of lies and tricks by the enemy.

    I’m 38 years old now, being very open minded and now know.
    Our LORD GOD YHWH- manifest in the flesh of YESHUA-( Salvation itself ) Christ Jesus is God.
    Having no doubts !
    Other then my sinful flesh waging war against my will to be closer to God. It is no doubt a battle to the end I think. Resisting temptations.

    However, I was only baptised, for the first time, once.
    Last year, October 19th, 2016. At a church, that I have now left.

    Although, I love them all there and being still in contact with some of those in my church at the time. I will never cease to love them.

    I wasn’t sure, if some of their teachings. Perhaps, I just nose dived into things well too soon. I do not regret it though.

    As all of this is a huge learning curve experience for me.
    How can one learn, if they never make mistakes in our earthly lives ?

    I wasn’t bought up as a Christian. Now however, I believe, the LORDS mercy, surely, edureth forever.

    It’s a personal experience, I just can not describe into words. It is beyond the mind and words of comprehension.

    Rather, then me researching more, about Denominations/buildings and other divided religious/separated, being lead by organised confusion.
    I am finding the struggle every single bit worth it.

    I love all people but I simply, do not trust the religious founders/ or it’s leaders . Taking there words for it or to follow them. I couldn’t even speak or ask questions at the building. On where I was before.
    This was those, whom thought, I guess. In which perhaps, that I was there to distort their congregation.
    Which was untrue.

    I had an ESV to start off with. Replacing it with the 1611 KJV. Whom many martyrs was persecuted and got tortured, murdered believing in the KJV of the Bible. Instead of taking and submitting towards the Popes, so called authority over the masses.

    After I did some small bit of researching.
    I then grew to understand, that many of these other versions was distorted perhaps by the “Harlot false Churches”.

    Purposely, created to cause confusion. Being so, that the “false churches” can seize power over the freedom of real believers and to impair there personal relationship with our Saviour.

    Finding it very hard to make friends, or trust anyone outside of our beliefs.
    When I talk to my family members about this.
    They get very angry, my mum for example and it breaks my heart. It’s because, she raised me single handedly.
    Always having a bond. However, I can NOT ever now.
    Not ever!! Compromise, or deny my personal, treasured, relation with God now.
    Not ever !

    Thank the LORD for this video and for genuine people out there who are thirsty to get it right with God.
    I have much much to learn still.

    Thank you if you had read my comments.
    God bless.

  2. Chet Dobson

    I wonder about the third chapter John verse 6, that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. My King James and the authors coincide regarding the capital S and the small s. Can anybody give me any insight on why the second word is with a small S ? And I do understand capital S is Holy Spirit God. James thank you so much for taking what must have been great amount of time to put this together for us!

  3. Chet Dobson

    James I’m disappointed to hear you say what you did about the people you witness to regarding smoking cigarettes. When I was smoking I went to church and regrettably walked in with my cigarettes in my top pocket Pastor leaned over to me and asked me when I was going to get right with Jesus and throw the cigarettes down. I said to him as soon as you quit your drug habit. He said I have no drug habit, he was drinking a great big cup of Starbucks why I ask is it okay for you to consume caffeine but not for me to consume nicotine. Your statement with regard to the word of God not coming back void is out of context. The reason you claim why the smokers felt bad is wrong, they felt bad because self-righteous judgemental Christians have made them feel bad all their life that is one reason why many people cannot stand Christians we repel them with remarks such as that. Jesus Christ gave his life for Who the sick not the well study your Bible.

  4. Connie Long

    thnks from England

  5. Frank Ey

    Any recommendations on other videos to study, pls let me know.
    God bless you all

  6. remoteviewer57

    I Love Your Bible Study! Great and exhaustive!

  7. Tramon Crumpler

    i love the bible

  8. Tramon Crumpler

    i really do

  9. Friend Zoned

    Try being married to a jew…biggest mistake …luckily ,his father is fair and talked his son into allowing me to baptise our daughter ,who’s a Christian , thank to me and my persistence ! The hardest times were fighting over jesus every day ,for 13 years …I pray he wakes up to Christ ,soon. For the sake of our child ..

  10. Peter Piper

    Wow! I never imagined that the Word (Christ) created Adam and Eve. This is an amazing eye-opener. “The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.” So Christ made Adam and Eve.

  11. Charles Crawford Jr

    Wonderful insight into the word of God. Thank you

  12. Sheila Lawson

    I love your study’s. I have learned so much. Many Thanks for taking time to clarify each scripture. Blessings Brother. Amen.

  13. Dela Cruz Donne

    Can you put in CC? because I am just deaf without hear you. Sorry for bad English. I tried to learn to this

  14. Darthvadar n

    I just love to be corrected and reproved in hearing His Word. The flesh doesn’t want to hear the Truth yet the Spirit is willing. Praise You Lord! In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

  15. The End

    So glad I found you. Your explanation of the scriptures is crystal clear.
    God bless you James.

  16. Angie Lawson

    Brother James, you are confusing me now! You stated before that Jesus is the Son of God! For God so loved the world He gave his only begotten SON!

  17. Mama Bear

    Thank you for the bible reading

  18. Danielle Davis

    I love this thank you


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