Studying for a Degree

Students of the Faith Mission Bible College who have successfully completed their Diploma in Theology and wish to do advanced study have the option to continue their studies with theOpen Theological College.

The Open Theological College is a consortium of British Bible Colleges committed to creating wider access to theological education and training up to honours degree level. Its aim is to provide for theological education what the Open University has done for secular education.

Through ‘assessment of prior learning’ it is possible for graduates of The Faith Mission Bible College to be admitted to the second level of a distance learning honours degree programme in theology. This normally entails another two years of study and has further financial implications for any student wishing to pursue degree studies. The advantages of studying with the Open Theological College while still being part of The Faith Mission Bible College are many.

  • OTC students have access to The Faith Mission Bible College’s well-equipped library.
  • They also have tutorial guidance from The Faith Mission Bible College staff.
  • It secures them a good quality British degree, fully accredited in the university sector.
  • It also ensures that their academic work is not divorced from the practical and spiritual emphasis of The Faith Mission.

Students who intend to pursue a theology degree are given every encouragement in their diploma course to work with that goal in mind. The College staff are available to give advice as to the feasibility of students being granted advance standing with the OTC in order to pursue the BA(Hons) degree in Theology.

The arrangement The Faith Mission Bible College has with the Open Theological College enables us to retain our own ethos, identity and remit as part of The Faith Mission and at the same time provide academic opportunity for students who are capable of achieving more than the diploma course provides.