Real Conversations Teen Bible Study by Jonathan McKee

Real Conversations Teen Bible Study by Jonathan McKee

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Real Conversations Teen Bible Study by Jonathan McKee.

For many teenagers, sharing their faith in Jesus with their friends is an overwhelming and scary prospect. Their idea of “outreach” is inviting their friends to a fun event once a year. In Real Conversations, a four-session, video-based study, Jonathan McKee ignites the passion of Christian teenagers to live authentic lives and offers them tools to reach out to their friends in ways that won’t make them break out in a cold sweat! In this dynamic study, students will discover the secret to sharing the reason for the hope that’s within them.

Sessions include:
1. Our Faith
2. Our Mission Field
3. Our Approach
4. Our Message

Jonathan McKee is president and founder of, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free, cutting-edge resources for youth workers across the world. Jonathan is an author, speaker, and trainer who began his career speaking on campus to unchurched middle school students. He continues to speak at school assemblies, events, and camps, in addition to training adult and student leaders nationally. He’s also author of Do They Run When They See You Coming: Reaching Out to Unchurched Teenagers.

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  1. Ben THABOSS

    Live life with that hope he talked about, and all will notice you living like there is truly something to live for. And there is! Bless all of you!

  2. Terry Driver

    god love feed save us. terrydiver. live in gordo alamal

  3. Jacques DM

    Are you kidding me? At 1:28 you depict one of the most powerful evangelists of our time as “creepy”. Check yourself Jonathan…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling…

  4. White Vans

    Very inspiring. Thanks.

  5. Gigi .Marie

    amen god bless you thank you for this lesson that you gave me it helped me alot

  6. B

    Thank you so much, I’m an adult in mid-life, not a teen but am very much helped by this! God bless you!

  7. manya

    hoseok made me watch this, thank you lord jesus our saviour :D!!!!!

  8. Jerson Otbo

    Hi brother jonathan how are you.? may i ask if you have letter guide or guide in words or written.? I want to talk this to my fellow youth as i am a youth leader here in the philippines thanks and waiting for your responce.
    Godblessess you.!!

  9. Archangelatis

    What would happen if you went into youth group and announced?: ”Guys I read Ephesians 2:8-9 and then read on to verse 10. Then I read James verse 2:22-26. We got it wrong the only place the bible says’ by faith alone’ is to say NOT by faith alone but by faith and works TOGETHER are we saved!
    . . . . . . The Catholics are right!!!!!

  10. Galexy Safire

    The real key is show your faith by living a life of obedience to God faith means faithful being an example speaks more than 1000 words then be ready to answer by understanding the gospel so you can explain it stick to His word and His power, avoid vain words and philosophies.

  11. Starla Garnet

    I’m not worried when someone asks me about my faith. I own it, glad to spread the love of Christ


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