Fees and Living Expenses

The gospel is free but evangelism is costly, and anyone contemplating Bible College training needs to consider the financial implications and obligations of beginning a course of study.

Adequate financial provision is often God’s seal on a person’s call to College. Wherever possible, students are encouraged to think through this aspect of their time at College before they come. While it is true that ‘the Lord will provide’, potential students should anticipate their financial needs well in advance of starting as a student. It is in the period prior to coming to College that such a promise is put to the test. Having these practical aspects of the call removes many of the strains and stresses associated with student life. While the figures change from year to year, students should budget for their time at College using the following guidelines.

Fees (Session 2015-2016)

Single residential students (tuition, accommodation and meals): £5,592.00 per annum.

Married or non-residential students (tuition only): £2,982.00 each per annum.

If a student withdraws before commencing a course, any fees paid by them will be reimbursed in full, apart from any charge made by our bankers in respect of transactions with overseas banks.If a student withdraws after commencing a course, any fees paid by them will be refunded on a pro-rata basis taking account of the amount of the course they have attended.

Course Books

Books are a student’s tools. Every student is encouraged to build up a personal library that will be of immense value in the years to come. As well as essential course books, recommendations are regularly made by lecturing staff. Students should budget at least £100 per year to purchase books they will want to keep and use in ministry life.


The College has a limited number of 2/3 bedroom flats available for married students.

Rents vary from £331 to £370 per month, inclusive of gas and electricity.

Since availability is limited, some married students have to live outside the College and are responsible for arranging and financing their own accommodation in such circumstances.

General Living Expenses

Students should also budget for the cost of personal items, and single students should note that they have to provide their own meals at weekends, half-term breaks and during holidays.

Making a payment