Atheist Bible Study #44 Kids’ Bible Time :) “Gang Rape”

Atheist Bible Study #44 Kids’ Bible Time 🙂 “Gang Rape”

Jake and Hugo read the worst part of the Bible… Judges 19

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Comments (8)

  1. Filthy Casual

    I actually wouldn’t be disappointed if Jake threw Hugo under the bus like that… Or would it be throwing Hugo under the train?

  2. A5games

    My history teacher said “Jeebus” in Eighth Grade.

  3. J Snow

    Praise jeebus!!!

  4. D T

    How dare you, finite creation, mock the living infinite God who created you and died for you? As a human being and sinner, you have a choice to make, you can choose life or death. Sin is a crime against God and it deserves punishment. What stops you from choosing life? How can you blame God for a decision YOU make? Believe the gospel and repent of your sins.

  5. Dangus

    If you cut up your dead concubine limb by limb and end up with 12 pieces, you gotta ask yourself whether your concubine was actually an octopus.

  6. conduit122

    aha jebus

  7. David Ortiz

    He’s like the Oprah Winfrey of rape victim limbs you get a limb and you get a limb!

  8. Katelyn Carson

    not even 10 seconds in and…… *_BUTT SHARPIES_*


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