Atheist Bible Study #23 The Laws Christians Like To Ignore

Atheist Bible Study #23 The Laws Christians Like To Ignore

Jake and Hugo Read through the commandments after the 10 Commandments… you know, the ones they cherry pick from but then tell you “But That’s The Old Testament” when you cite the slavery verses 😉
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Comments (20)

  1. Monique White

    Out of love I’ll say this please remember that. I think it’s only natural to be curious about the bible and trust me I’ve been in your shoes before but I want you to truly try something I know you have a certain feeling towards God but if you take just one week of your life to truly find him. I mean no ideas against him really seeking him while you work sleep and breathe for just one week and I mean with everything. What’s the worst that can happen? People often lie and say they have but didn’t with all their strength and also while being completely biased towards God. I’m only saying this because it’s what I know, believe and assured by. You can comment how ever you like. Just know that I wrote this because I want you to be safe and I know whats it’s like with the struggle of our minds not because I hate you

  2. Eva Lution

    Fantastic intro music.

  3. Brandon McDonald

    I’m not sure if this is still relevant but you ruined house for me :/

  4. Jennifer Brewer

    What if you make the god out of copper? Silver and gold are prohibited, but copper wasn’t mentioned. Neither was plastic, for that matter.

  5. Jennifer Brewer

    $435 for a human life….. You can have damn near anyone killed for a carton of cigarettes if you know the right people.

  6. OurLadyofNerddom

    House Season 7 already fucked House for me, so you’re safe.

  7. Geoffrey Sorkin

    Interestingly enough, Common Law Burglary in the US and England had the nighttime limitation

  8. Benjamin Simpson

    Nutrition is one good reason to rotate crops, another is pest/disease management.
    Another example of man invoking God in lore, to pretend good (and sometimes not so good) advice is L A W law. (to borrow from a former Australian Prime Minister speaking of tax cuts that were never subsequently legislated.)

  9. Arcanum 101


  10. TigerLily

    Update: Russ has been spotted drinking a cup of jack squat.

  11. ViaductFilms


  12. Christopher Davis

    Well ironically eye for an eye was created to stop cruelty- so you didn’t kill a person and their family for poking you

  13. Nicholas Snow

    I was actually thinking of watching House.

  14. Jose Penuelas

    Also Leviticus and the ten commandments are in the old testament

  15. Desperadox23

    My kids are soo dead?

  16. El Carpe

    Thanks…  thanks a lot…  now have to delete HOUSE from my favorites on Netflix…  just no longer interested…  you might as well have just showed the last episode here…  grrrrr  and whatever.

  17. 0nly This

    Jewishness is passed through the mother. So too is slaveness. A Jewish male married to a slave begets slaves.

  18. Padraic loingsigh

    Russ Leatherman is the new Ron Jeremy!

  19. Nathan Edwards

    i actually am in the middle of watching house… why? why do you do this?

  20. J. C.

    Damn it guys I was planning on watching that!


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