Ministry Apprenticeship

The Faith Mission Bible College prepares disciples of Jesus Christ for real-world, Gospel-centred, practical Christian ministry. Our focus remains firmly on Biblical teaching, the acquisition and testing of essential skills, and the nourishing of the inner person through deliberate and daily devotional practice. It’s about transformation, implementation and presentation of the revolutionary Good News as told by Jesus Christ.

It’s not surprising then that we are always looking for ways to improve our game; to increase the impact of God in our own lives and to advance our effectiveness in showing his love and communicating his message of hope. Let me, then, introduce you to the Ministry Apprenticeship, a one-year programme for FMBC Diploma graduates deigned to establish life-long learners and future leaders in full-time Christian work

The Ministry Apprenticeship is based around a total of 20 weeks of ministry placement with an experienced evangelist; a mentor, instructor, role-model and partner; doing real work with real people in an ongoing ministry environment. This is where motives, gifts and passions are honed. It’s “in at the deep end” with a guide and a friend!

Twelve weeks of residential work at the Bible College are distributed through the year. Evaluation of best-practice take place in tutorials and reflective assignments; lectures will focus on knowing the Bible, knowing people, knowing yourself and knowing God, all of which link directly in to practical assignments integral to the placements. The addition of a stimulating and varied reading list will keep us current in methodology and grounded in orthodox faith.

This innovative programme is designed to give the opportunity to extend college learning, to discover gifts and passions, and to grow courageously through those demanding and stretching experiences that shape and strengthen disciples in Gospel ministry.