What others say about us

“I have known of the work and influence of The Faith Mission Bible College since I came to Edinburgh in 1969 and my appreciation of it has increased immeasurably. It works hard at providing its students with an understanding of God’s Word and the Saviour it proclaims and at the same time of encouraging personal holiness. Long may it continue to do so.”

Rev Derek Prime
Preacher and Author

“When it comes to spiritual training and development for the whole person The Faith Mission Bible College is at the top of our list. For years, our close association with The Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh has enabled us to see, first hand, the impact of a deep spiritual and theologically sound training programme in the lives of Christian men and women.”

Rev Wayne Sutton
Senior Pastor, Carrubbers Christian Centre, Edinburgh

“As a former student I am indebted to The Faith Mission Bible College for its emphasis on personal discipline and the devotional aspect of the Christian life. Amid all the necessary studies, the emphasis on getting to know God and His will for your life by spending time with Him was always the priority when I was a student.”

Rev John Shearer
Musselburgh Baptist Church, Scotland

“The Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh positively fulfils its mission of “Studying for the Master’s approval”. A rigorous application to the discipline of study with the sole aim of being better equipped to serve Jesus Christ, ensures that students leave the college strong in their faith, clear in their convictions, committed in their service and warm in their love for Christ. I have long been convinced that the quality of students who graduate from FMBC is an outstanding asset to the cause of Christ and his gospel.”

Rev Brian Edwards
Preacher and Author

“What churches need today, is what they have always needed, and what the New Testament prescribes for their health, – Godly leaders who know the Lord and preach His Word in context by careful exposition in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that God’s voice is heard today with unmistakable clarity. At a time when theological training seems to lack conviction on these essentials, it is great to see that The Faith Mission Bible College, in association with local churches, has geared itself specifically to produce such leaders.”

Rev Craig Dyer
Training Director, Christianity Explored

“I thank God for the excellent theological education and solid biblical training that takes place in The Faith Mission Bible College. Here is a sound Christian institution built firmly upon the Scripture.”

Dr Steven Lawson

Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama, USA

“I don’t think I could have asked for a better academic and spiritual foundation to build upon than the one I received at FMBC. It has given me a solid framework for Christian belief, practice and a humble appreciation for the incredible and perfect nature of God’s Word.”

Daniel Butt
FMBC Graduate 2010, now studying in Canada

“In Africa graduates from FMBC always impressed me by their passion for God, prayerfulness and zeal for the lost. Now that I know the College I can see the foundation for ministry they received in God’s Word. I rejoice in the continuing emphasis on a close walk with God combined with academic excellence.”

Dr Dick Anderson

Former International Director, Africa Inland Mission International