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Church Construction Tampa Florida

Rebuilding A House Of Worship

church construction There was a major remodeling operation that took place at one of our sister churches in Tampa, Florida. Members of the local community came together to tear out some dated interior structure that had some mold issues and needed to be renovated. Old sheetrock, ceiling tiles, flooring, and appliances were all replaced during the remodeling efforts. There were also some structural changes that were made internally that added structural support to the building in case of something like Hurricane Michael.

There were 3 weekends in the month of September that were allocated to the renovation efforts and they planned carefully to make sure they had the tools and the resources available each weekend to make the progress needed to complete the project on time. Families from other parts of Florida drove in to offer their assistance, cook food, and bring water.

The construction is only part of the process, the deconstruction of the building is equally involved and requires many helping hands to finish. As one group tore down walls and ripped out carpeting, another group was there picking up all the garbage and scrap material and hauling it into a massive dumpster bin where we filled the dumpster liners with sheetrock, old 2×4’s, carpeting, tile, and outdated appliances. By week 3 they had filled two full dumpster liners and had the building stripped of all the old sheetrock, wiring, plumbing, and structural defects.

Once the building was stripped to its frame, they installed new plumbing and plumbing fixtures, extended a few rooms to support the growth of the congregation, added new lighting, wiring, fixtures, carpeting, a sound system, and recording capabilities.

The church as a facility is now equipped for Sunday service, weddings, holiday events, and is available for rent for special events. Having a community come together and contribute labor during a time of need is truly an act of god. Tampa Florida has some of the tightest Christian communities in Florida and has always shined when it comes to community involvement.

We know that many of the members in this community subscribe to our newsletter and may be reading this soon. On behalf of the congregation, we wanted to thank everyone that donated time, food, and supplies to help get this project finished on time. We also wanted to give a special thanks to the professional construction contractors in Tampa that took the lead on this project and mad it happen, without your expertise, none of this would have happened.

Those of us here look forward to making our visit to Tampa in 2019 as part of our fellowship tour. We will be making a few trips along the coastline and looking forward to meeting many of you there. For those of you providing disaster relief for victims of hurricane Michael, we pray for you and the people you are helping. Your kindness is truly an act of God.

Solar Water Heater Repair

Water Heater At Phoenix Church Needs Repair

solar water heater repair

Well, plumbing seems to be all the fuss recently. If you did not receive our last email there was a plumbing issue at our Toronto Church. When it rains, it pours, and when plumbing leaks, it floods. At least we haven’t witnesses flood waters like Noah did, not sure our man-made structures would survive that kind of flooding. Enough of the jokes, we are in need of a solar water heater repair technician. There have already been multiple emails received from our initial e-blast, but something happened with our mail chimp campaign and we were unable to reach all of our subscribers. I decided to write another post here for you to share among our community of you are fortunate enough to receive the emails.

One of our affiliate properties in Arizona recently experienced an issue with their solar hot water heater. There were some slight leaks identified, but the problem has yet to be resolved. We are contacting you today to see if anyone has a family member or a friend that has knowledge of solar water heaters. We contacted Pacific West Solar and received a very reasonable estimate for the solar water heater repair but wanted to give our faithful flock the opportunity to present this to family and friends so that they can also bid on the repair. We will need the water heater repaired or replaced soon so that they can have warm running water in the bathrooms and in the kitchen area. Food preparations are currently on hold until hot water is available in the kitchens. The Church converted to solar water heaters and haven’t had any issues until now and they are unsure what caused the problem in the first place. The Lord works in mysterious ways and this may be just another situation he is putting us in for a reason. The Church needs solar water heater repair, and there are parts of the world that just need water. It is a luxury that we can warm our waters with natural sun light, maybe this is something we should pray on. That might be the topic of my our next email, stay tuned!

We also have the option of contacting the company that installed solar panels at another house of worship in Phoenix. The leaks from the water heater has created some moisture in the attic area and there are concerns of mold and rodent being attracted to the dark wet environment it could create. So if you know anyone in our community that may have the resources to fix or replace the water heater, please email me back at the address I sent the email from. Thank you so much for being an active part of our spiritually rich community of faith-based marketers. We will continue working with you all to get your congregations to grow and prosper in your local communities. God bless you all.

Unclogging The Church Drains

Toronto Church Experiences Clogged Drains In Service Kitchen

Toronto plumber unclogging drainHello to our Canadian affiliates, if you are here because of the email blast we appreciate you coming here and reading this. We publish fun posts a few times a month about random things going on in our communities and within our affiliate ministries. One of our affiliate Churches in Toronto, Canada has experienced extreme clogging in the drains of their service kitchen. The church is equipped with an industrial kitchen to prepare and serve food to the congregation during service hours. The kitchen is also used to feed homeless in Toronto, Ottawa, and Scarborough. There are quarterly events where the homeless from shelters in Ottawa and Scarborough are bussed in and fed. The size of the facility is enough to feed 100’s of people when everything is working. This week there was a church function and they received complaints of some rancid odors. Upon further investigation it became clear that there was a serious backup in the kitchen drains. It’s an industrial kitchen and it also has floor drains, these were backed up also, creating small puddles of dirty water around the floor. Most of the men and women working the kitchen during ministry hours are older volunteers that have no business trying to unclog drains, and the standing water is an extreme hazard for our elderly brothers and sisters.

They were able to sweep the standing water out the back door, but the odor continued to loom and soon some of our worshiping flock felt ill. They shortened worship hours and everyone went home early. One of our church members was a plumber there in Toronto and was able to bring in a snake. The floor drains were backing up onto the floor, while the sink drains were clogged and filling the sinks with dirty water. Both drains needed to be unclogged and serviced but it was more work then our friend was able to take on that day. They then reached out to a guy locally that fixes clogged drains in Toronto, but we didn’t get an answer when they called. They then tried a professional handy man service in Toronto, and they really didn’t have the plumbing tools needed to unclog this type of drain. Eventually they ended up going to a local hardware store in Toronto and renting an industrial style snake. It was motorized and mounted on a rolling cart that made it easy to wheel in and operate. I’m not sure how far in they had to go, but they reached the blockage in the drain pipe and everything immediately drained at the same time. The snake was able to wrap up the clog and pull it out, from what I hear it was a pretty disgusting mix of hair, grease, mop strings, food, and debris. After unclogging such a rats nest of debris, it became apparent that they needed to do a better job of sweeping and mopping before washing food and dirt down into the floor drains. It’s easy to grab the kitchen hose and just rinse everything into the drain, but that created plumbing issues like the one they experienced in Toronto. Lessons learned, for any of our affiliate

Church members that are still reading this and have kitchen operations, sweeping the floors thoroughly before rinsing and mopping is highly suggested. Remember to always keep your kitchens clean and sanitary, the food inspector can show up without notice at anytime and backed up plumbing is a big red flag. Unsanitary waters backing up into sink drains that are used to prepare food could result in a penalty or a fine. Even the dishwashing pit needs to drain properly and have the ability to rinse, wash, and sanitize dish ware during operation hours. Keeping your kitchens clean and functioning properly will keep you from violating any local health codes in your city. If you would like more information about contacting your local health inspector, just reply to the email we sent out that brought you here. Thanks again to all our loyal members for the continued support, we will see you all soon at the convention in 2019. Bye-Bye for now.

Need To Lease Solar Panels For Phoenix Parish

Looking To Lease Solar Panels For The Phoenix Parish

solar panels on church propertyHello everyone, if you are still getting the newsletters please reply back. We had an issue with the email server we were using and want to make sure you are all getting the emails with links to these blog posts. Not to get sidetracked with technical glitches, we wanted to let you all know that we have decided to go solar in a few states where we have operations. Phoenix, Arizona is going to be our first location where we will converting over to solar energy. Next year we may try to do the same in Florida, it will depend on how this first conversion goes. We have yet to commit to a solar system, or a company to buy or lease from. There are advantages to leasing the solar panels that would make sense for us, apparently the leasing companies would be responsible for the maintenance and repair if the solar panels were to get damaged in a storm or vandalized. For us not to have to worry about that would make sense, nor do we want to place that burden on anyone worshipping at the Parish. If any of you have any connections in the Phoenix market for a solar company we would appreciate an email with some contact information. We reached out to this solar lease company and had a great conversation about the process, the amount of solar panels we would need to accommodate our power demands, how the installation process works, and a general timeline for delivery. The gentlemen we spoke with, Greg, is our front-runner for providing us with a solar leasing option, but we wanted to get this out to all of our members to additional references for other solar companies that could offer a competitive bid. We contemplated buying the solar panels, but eventually concluded that the solar leasing options were better for us at this time. If we convert our location to solar, we may purchase the panels outright and just hire a repairman when we need maintenance or repairs. There were also other options we needed to consider, like where we wanted to mount the panels. The roof of the church Parish is pretty steep, and it was suggested that we have ground mounted solar panels built to house the solar panels on the property. We would prefer a rooftop installation to avoid vandalism, but if the roof pitch is too steep to install the solar panels on then we have no choice. Getting a second quote from another solar leasing agency will allow us to ask more questions and see if other offers exist that might suit our needs better. You guys know the scoop, reach out to anyone in the congregation, and in the local community to see if we can find a qualified solar leasing agent to help us secure an affordable solar system and get it installed. Thank you all, and God bless!

Washing Cars For Foster Kids

Saturday Car Wash To Raise Money For Foster Kids

raising money for foster childrenOne of our clients in Oklahoma will be organizing a fund raiser for Foster kids in Oklahoma City. The team of mobile car detailing specialists will be meeting in Oklahoma City in the parking lot of the Eugene Field elementary school on Saturday to set up a mobile detailing station for anyone that want’s to get their vehicles washed and detailed. There are Foster children in the Oklahoma City area that are in need of a home and until they are placed with a family they will need to be cared for above and beyond what the state can provide. Small business like Chase Detailing are doing their part to make sure these members of our community have what they need to succeed at a young age in school and with work. The car wash and detail services will be a donation based service that will allow drivers in the area to stop in for a wash and interior detailing. If the fund raiser is a success on Saturday we will extend the effort to Sunday. In February of 2016 Chase car detailing in OKC and Channel 6 News teamed up in Norman, Oklahoma to raise money for foster kids in the area. Chase Detailing will be providing the same service again in Oklahoma City at the Eugene Field elementary school. Church volunteers are encouraged to head down to the school and donate time to the cause if they are available. The mobile detailing stations will be set up in 3 phases, first will be exterior wash, second will be exterior drying, and third will be interior detailing if the donation exceeds $20 dollars. Any donation can receive a car wash, but only donations that are $20 dollars or more will also receive an interior detailing. Chase Detailing will be providing three professional employees to manage and coordinate the event. All Church volunteers will be there to assist them where assistance is needed. The foster system has a lot of holes in it, there are kids that are being placed in unsuitable homes, being left behind, suffering from abuse, and not getting the attention that they need to grow up into a healthy young adult. By raising money with events like this we can do our part to make sure these children with less opportunity have the tools and resources they need to push forward and find happiness in life. Thank you to everyone that is contributing their time and resources to this cause. We want to give a special thanks to Chase Detailing for their generous donation of man power and supplies to make this all possible. God bless you all.

Remodeling The Church Kitchen

Big Changes Coming To The Church Kitchen

church renovations Exciting news for everyone working at our headquarters, we are remodeling our kitchens to facilitate the upcoming holiday season and our efforts feeding the homeless. The kitchen and and cafeteria will be completely upgraded with cafeteria tables and kitchen upgrades that will allow us to turn out enough food to feed the thousands of homeless that show up to our church to eat. We will be doubling our oven space and stove tops which will allow us to double the amount of food production we will be serving. The dish pit will also be getting a complete overhaul, an upgrade garbage disposal, and a second dishwasher to double the dish-ware that we can clean in a day. The service area is being renovated with granite, this is a major upgrade from the laminate countertops that were there previously. Those countertops were pealing back from years of abuse and needed to be replaced with a natural stone that could hold up to the foot traffic that we experience while we feed the masses. We also needed a durable surface that could withstand the spills and stains that come from the food as people are dishing themselves up. Regardless of the generous gesture, people are careless at the buffet line and slop food onto their plate as if they were plating dog dishes at an animal kennel. Remodeling the kitchen in the church not only allows us to feed the homeless for the holidays, but we can also feed our congregation more thoroughly on Sundays. Adding granite countertops was a great choice we made with the renovation decisions because of the life span of the stone. We anticipate that those countertops will last for 50 years at least and will only need minor maintenance and re-sealing on occasion. We are looking forward to this renovation being complete and hope to be ready to feed the public as soon as October for Halloween. For all of our FMBC members that received this email and are reading this post now you can all donate time around the holidays and help make a difference in our local community,

Partnering With Denver Barbershop To Groom Homeless

Grooming The Homeless With Denver Barbershop

Denver barber grooming homelessSome more exciting news for our readers and our community. If you are here because of the email blast we just sent out, then welcome and thank you for being a part of our little community. If you stumbled across this randomly then we welcome you to sign up for our emails and get involved with all the positive things we are trying to accomplish out there in the world.

In November we will be teaming up with a barber that’s similar to Franks Barbershop in Denver to groom the homeless in the downtown Denver area. You can learn more about the types of Barbers we are trying to partner with like this Denver Barbershop here at the Denver Journal. Together we will help groom those in need and prepare them for the upcoming holiday season. Having a haircut, a beard trim, and some clean finger nails can make enjoying Thanksgiving dinner that much more pleasurable. At Faith Marketing Business Consulting we have made it our goal to make a difference in our local communities this holiday season. With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time for us to get involved and start planning for these events. We will also need to get the word out into the homeless communities so that they have ample time to prepare and can find transportation if needed.

We are looking for more businesses to volunteer their time and resources to events like these. We currently have active communities in North Carolina, New York, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Denver Colorado, and Washington State. These local community outreach programs have proved to be effective and continue to support those in need in those areas. We believe by making a difference on a local level we can start making a global impact across the globe and marketing our faith online and on the ground in the communities that need us most. If we can change lives, and change hearts, we may be able to change the way that people look at organized religion. We have seen a decline in attendance across the country in our churches and affiliate churches, and we need to reverse that trend. The little things tend to make a huge difference, and something as simple as grooming the homeless in time for the holidays may be enough to make believers out of them and the communities they are part of.

Texas Parish To Install Storm Shelter

New Storm Shelter Being Installed at Texas Parish

natural disasters

Remodel is underway at one of our Texas locations and will soon be reopen for worship. Many of our friends there had expressed concern over the old brick building and it’s stability during a hurricane or a tornado. Contractors were hired to construct a steel frame on the interior of the building that would prevent any rubble from falling inwards onto worshipers if a storm were to pass through. The steel frame was constructed and reinforced with a steel mesh netting that would act like a net and catch or deflect and brick or debris that fell during a storm. After the interior was rebuilt, they reinforced the brick with more mortar and replaced any old pieces that were broken or cracked. The property sits on an acre of land and had an old barn where chickens had been raised for years, eggs were provided for breakfast before church began for many years but that has long been gone. below ground storm shelterThey reinforced the old barn also with the same steel frame that the Church was rebuilt with and modified some of the wood structure on the exterior. They also installed a below ground storm shelter that is big enough to fit the entire congregation if a hurricane or tornado should pass through. The storm shelter was equipped with battery fed power generators, a refrigerator, radio communications, lights, water, and food rations. There are enough supplies in there to care for the entire congregation for three days. There is an electric door opener that is connected to a powerful winch that will open the door on the shelter even if debris from the barn structure were to crash down on the lid. We are thrilled to say that we are prepared for the next Hurricane Harvey or tornado that may rip through Texas, and are extremely blessed to know that our Texas congregation will be safe in the event of a natural disaster.

The Retirement of Father Allen Switzer

Father Allen Switzer Retires

retired preacher Allen Switzer

We are thankful for all of the faithful God fearing servants that have been a part of our faith based marketing team. Providing skill sets and knowledge to Churches around the world and helping them grow in their local communities and market their churches online has always been our goal. Today we say goodbye to one of the most productive faith based marketers we have ever had the blessing to work with. Father Allen Switzer came to us over 20 years ago as a media specialists. He had connections to various publications and billboard owners throughout the world and was an integral part in the growth of our marketing team. Father Switzer has given his life to the lord and has worshiped him with a fearless belief in everything the Bible teaches. His love for the lord and marketing prowess made him an authentic, informative, and absolute member of our marketing team. Today we lose an irreplaceable component of this faith based project team that will be missed dearly. Father Switzer led missions around the world, provided disaster relief in regions struck by natural disasters, fed the hungry, gave to the poor, and helped over 100 churches around the world market their missions in the local communities that they were built in. In this digital age father Switzer was less technical with computers and internet technology, but was somehow able to pass his knowledge of marketing along to our team of young missionary bloggers to help them create spiritual content for the Churches we serve. We are sad to see him leave, but we are proud to call him a friend, father, and fellow missionary that served gracefully by our sides through the good and bad. He will be traveling a great distance to settle down into a long term retirement center in New York. Father Switzer with live out his amazing life in the comforts of The Amsterdam at Harborside retirement community on Long Island. He will be cared for by the staff located on the property and regularly visited by missionaries visiting our New York Parrish. Together we want to thank father Switzer for his dedication to the team, his love for the community, and his unshakable faith in the lord that inspired us every day to serve our lord and savior and help the Churches around the globe market their churches to the local communities. On behalf of all of us at FMBC we want to say thank you and God Bless you and your new journey through life as you complete your mission in the Long Island retirement community.

Christian Views On Stem Cell Research

How should Christians view stem cell research?

There is a lot of fuss in the world over stem cell research and especially among the Christian community. Churches are speaking out against the research saying it’s unethical and against God’s will. This argument is based on interpretations of scripture, there is nothing in the Bible that states directly that stem cell research is bad. Harvesting embryos for research and then destroying them is another topic all together.

Jesus healsI think if you break this down to the possible discoveries that could be made from the research you will find that it aligns with most Christian values. The end goal here is to help people, save lives, and find cures for those suffering. Sounds like something Jesus would do, doesn’t it? Those that set out to cure disease and help the less fortunate are following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Didn’t Jesus cure a man with leprosy? Wasn’t healing the sick part of his mission? The Bible tells many tales of heroic healing efforts from Jesus and his disciples. There is scripture in the book of Matthew (4:23-24) that clearly emphasizes that a major part of Jesus’ ministry was his healing.

The issue many Christians have with the research is how the stem cells are being harvested. While some believe this process is immoral, others believe that it is needed to move the research forward until we can find other means of harvesting the cells. This research is very promising and has advanced medical science in a new direction that will change the way the world treats and cures diseases.

The moral dilemma is about the harvesting of stem cells from embryos. This process requires a live embryo that will then be destroyed in the process. A live embryo is considered human at the moment of conception. The Bible teaches that human existence begins at conception and the international consensus of embryologists agrees that the beginning stages of life do start at fertilization. Therefore, a human embryo is considered to be 100% human and consists of the 46 chromosomes that living humans are made up of. The actual size of the living organism doesn’t determine if it’s a human or not. Meaning that there is no difference between a microscopic life form and a grown man as far as the Bible is concerned. They are both human.

Because this process literally involves the killing of another human being it is considered to go against God’s will. The potential benefit of the research doesn’t outweigh the fact that humans are dying during the research. Biblically speaking, stem cell research through the harvesting of embryos is unethical and Christians should oppose any such scientific research.

Currently, the moral means of harvesting stem cells comes from adult donors. There are no objections to this from a Christian perspective. adult bone marrow donorThis is something that is done on a volunteer basis by bone marrow transplant donors. This research has proven to be effective in treating cancer, leukemia, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases. These stem cells are harvested from adult donors and are extracted from healthy living bone marrow. There are other process for extracting stem cells from other parts of the body, but bone marrow donors have become the most popular. This research does not cost a human life and is performed on volunteer donors that have a say in the matter.

In conclusion, we find that embryonic research is unethical and goes against Christian values. The harvesting of stem cells from adult donors aligns with Christian values and should be embraced as an opportunity to help save lives.