How To Study the Bible for Beginners | 5 Tips for Beginners | Christian Vlogger

How To Study the Bible for Beginners | 5 Tips for Beginners | Christian Vlogger

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How To Study the Bible for Beginners

Hannah writes in asking where a beginner should start reading the Bible. So we give her 5 tips on how to study the Bible for beginners. These tips are great if you are wanting to learn more about how to understand the bible or are just wanting to enrich your bible study experience!

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  1. Frikinnerd

    I have add/adhd too

  2. script kiddy

    god bless u too…!!! 🙂

  3. Brandy Saxton

    I just found your channel and would love a hard copy of your Bible studies if still available please and thank you

  4. Jerry Weishaar

    I just wanted to say, there is no such thing as a beginners Bible, even the most avid Bible reader should continue studying these things, for this is the foundation. And a structure can not stand with out it.

  5. Silvia Schwarz (Sikes)

    You make coffee nervous. Not in a negative meant way,

  6. Gailynn Lancaster

    Can I have a book please

  7. Ally

    I wish someone had told me to start with John. I just finished reading the Gospel of John and it was brilliant.

  8. Marty Lloyd

    May I please get the TRUTHLINK.ORG I am struggling to read the bible hand would love to study these bible studies thank you marty Lloyd 114 Hank Jay Dr. Unit F Lake Geneva Wisconsin 53147

  9. David Ng

    I have been a Christian for almost 3 decades. N I have been through tons of bible studies and am myself leading one at the moment. Having said so, I am no expert in the word. I realized that the more I read and study, the more I need to learn and relearn and unlearn bcos Jesus is so infinite and there is no way one can truly know HIM completely in this life time. Hence, I subscribe to want to know HIM more, know as in the heart know not in the head only. Be blessed

  10. Christina Gonzalez

    I am new beginner want learn the gospel just don’t know how to find time that works for me understanding what 1st I should do to help gain more knowledge life changing in god spirt be part that life, but how I engage my son learn about god too


    Thank you so much

  12. equalism 42

    You should always read the bible by finding out who wrote what, for instance Corinthians which is full of nice quotes from Jesus was written by St Paul. If you read Acts you can figure out St Paul did not join religion until his claimed conversion some time after 36AD meaning he never actually meet Jesus. So you might think ok all those nice quotes must be from others but St Paul writes in Galatians 1:11-16 none of the information for his scriptures comes from any eye witnesses, meaning all those nice quotes from Jesus were actually only fabrications from St Paul.

    Saint Paul actually recruited Luke to assist write scriptures so Luke’s recruitment occurred after 36AD meaning he ever meet Jesus either. But Luke 1:26-38 is the main corner stone of Christianity the virgin birth. So we have established Luke did not eye witness the virgin birth, wise men guiding stars etc…..Some claim Luke to be a great historian but Luke tells us in Luke 1:1-6 he only used hear say information in his scriptures by collecting what people generally believed that the eye witnesses were claiming to have witnessed…..another words there are not even any eye witness accounts of the events he reports upon only beliefs of what people think the eye witnesses might have been claiming to have witnessed.

    It gets worse since St Paul and St Luke’s scriptures make the main claims of Jesus resurrection, and knowing St Paul stopped Jesus real Apostles writing scripture in Galatians 1:8-9 and 1:13 the Gospels can be discounted as fabrications also.

    None of this would matter a tinkers dam except hundreds of thousands of people have needlessly died because of religion, making it the most evil thing ever to have existed.

  13. Delvin Anthony

    I would love to study the bible

  14. Ashley Dixon

    great tip for Proverbs

  15. I need Help! Lisa Poe

    I worked in healthcare all my life and then i found out im recently disabled and cant go back to work. Please help us keep our home. God bless!

  16. Charm Bass

    I would also love to have a physical copy. I just got converted last June 3, 2017 and it was life-changing. I hope u can support me in my journey in unraveling the greatness of God.

  17. David Cuellar

    Just converted to rastafari, thank you for the tips!

  18. Steven Burdine

    I did this to help people hear the word of God, read the entire New Testament on YouTube.

  19. Craig Gillie

    Please send me the Bible study material you were speaking of !!!

  20. Aleena Ramjag

    Thank you for u that opportunity to get your lessons my name is Fareeda Ramjag #7B Gosine Avenue Sunrees Road Charlo Village Penal Trinidad and Tobago

  21. Gloria Navarro

    Are you still sending hard copies out if so I would like to have one please. 3301 E. Ray Road Apt 1095 Gilbert, Arizona 85296 Thank you Gloria Navarro

  22. Eduardo Ortiz

    great tips thank you! Im very interested in your bible studies! please send us the link

  23. tumisang mothibi

    Thank you for these tips, they were all helpful. Thank you, even though i am 2 years late, i cant wait to catch up on your recent videos.

  24. Matty Russell Vlogs

    Great video bro!

  25. Water Walker Ministries

    These were some really good tips, man! Doing a really good thing here on YouTube. Awesome thing to see

  26. Karen Neri

    Oh my goodness that’s me ! I have adhd and can’t focus

  27. Hilda Schau

    Awesome! The best tip consistency..Not to worry what time of the day..Thanks ?

  28. Romario smith

    These were truly helpful tips. I will follow these tips

  29. Sana HATIM

    I’m Muslim, And we do believe in Chritianity as a Devine religion ” religion of God”.
    I already read the bible in French but didn’t remember exactly the version it was.
    I would like someone from you guys to send me the copy of new testament and the old one.
    I’m Muslim, I love my religion but want to learn about Chritianity.
    Thank you in advance.

  30. Mphonyana Tlou

    Proverbs idea!!!!!????????????????

  31. Vishal Bhosale


  32. Ajj Berry

    Thank you for the video

  33. Nana Abena Asantewaa Boamah

    God bless you for blessing us?

  34. Nana Abena Asantewaa Boamah

    Dear Sir, I know im late but can I have one of the books please.

  35. Valeria Arroyo

    Hi!! i just ran into your cannel and loved this video! very helpful! Thank you, and i am going to start studying the Bible using you! thank you once again! is it possible to get a physical copy still??


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