Replacing The Roof at Our Oklahoma Church

Hi everyone, we are back just in time for the holidays. This winter, we have had storms in multiple states that have caused damage to some of our sister parishes. Arizona had heavy snow and rainfall in the northern parts, and Oklahoma has seen some heavy rains as well. One of our favorite churches in North Dakota also witnesses some damage from heavy snowfall. Some of these old church buildings are falling apart due to age and will need some renovation soon. There are some older church buildings downtown Oklahoma City that are historic and have held up to the outdoor elements over the years. Still, these old churches in the rural areas of Oklahoma are falling victim to heavy rains and bad weather.

Roofing Inspection

We had a roofing inspector out to assess the damage, and it was noted that we needed new support beams, insulation, and also had a roof rat problem. The expenses can quickly accumulate in these old buildings. Water damage to the interior also meant that we had to replace sheetrock in the ceiling and walls in specific areas of the church. The carpeting was old enough that we decided to pull it out and stain the concrete floors for a more manageable surface area should the roof leak again.

No Roofing Connections

Sometimes we have members of the church that have friends or family that hang sheetrock or offer carpeting services in OKC, but we required roofing and insulation services. None of our members had a resource they could recommend. After searching Oklahoma City for a roofing contractor, we stumbled across Salazar Roofing and contacted them. They were straightforward to work with, pricing seemed fair, and the job was completed within our allocated budget, and on time. We were thrilled that the church was back open in just a few weeks, and the workers at Salazar were able to make all the necessary roof repairs needed to prevent water damage in the future.

Update The Flooring

The carpet was ripped out, and the concrete was stained. Members of the church gathered and tore out the sheetrock and prepped the area for the construction crew. There was a general contractor in Oklahoma City that was able to haul the trash away and bring in a team to hang the new sheetrock. We then contacted a commercial painting company to come out and paint the trim on the exterior of the roof, the interior ceiling, and the walls that were replaced.

Happy With The Services

Overall, we were delighted with all the help we received, both from members of the church, and the professional contractors we worked with locally here in Oklahoma City. These old structures are made of tough brick exteriors, but the aged shingled roofing begins to rot, and that’s when unwanted critters can make their way into your attic space. Squirrels, birds, bats, raccoons, and roof rats are common pests in Oklahoma that can invade the attic area of your home or office. Hiring a quality pest control company to exterminate these pests will add to the life expectancy of your structure. These rodents claw and bite their way through wiring, rotten wood, and sheetrock to find food and shelter. You can install pest detouring statues on the roof that might work for a while, but having a solid roof without openings is the best way to prevent these critters from entering your home or office.

Plans For The New Year

We will have some more updates as we head into this new year. 2020 is around the corner, and it will be the start of a new year. We hope to become more consistent with our blogging and email newsletters. If you have not signed up for our newsletters, you can visit our social media page and send me a request. I will add your email to our mail chimp account, so you receive our monthly. Thank you, and happy holidays.

Knowing When And Where To Retire

retirement communities on the East Coast

We have been witnessing a trend lightly with members of our community. When a spouse passes, the other is often left in a financial pinch due to a lack of preparation. This can cause unnecessary financial stress and anxiety. We need to teach our young the importance of saving money and managing it properly so that we can retire happy and healthy. Saving enough to pay for assisted living or a luxury retirement center should be on everyone’s to-do list. To help our younger members think deeply about the reality of getting older, we put this article together for you to read this month. We hope you enjoy it.

Being able to retire as a financial king or queen is very daring and hard to achieve, but it is entirely possible. There are critical steps in setting yourself up for success to retire wealthy.

First, you need a proper retirement plan. Employer-sponsored accounts are great because they are accounts where the company will match your contributions, and this will really help you stock away cash. There are many different retirement plans, so find the one that fits you best and your needs.

Setting goals will also be a significant contributor to saving money. Monthly goals of how much you will spend and save each month are beneficial. You may fail and overspend some months, but that is all part of the process. The younger you start saving, the more you will save.

Start saving early, because if you don’t, it will not work out. Many employers offer 401k plans, which are great ways to save, although some do not like to take this route and feel that a different direction may be better for them.

Financial advisors are one option in saving money and having someone by your side, helping you can be a game-changer for some. They are professionally trained to help each person figure out their needs and expenses.

saving for emergencies during retirement

Prepare yourself for unexpected emergencies. Long-term planning will come with unforeseen surprises that use the money for repair. Lack of preparation can really put a dent in your savings. You can’t avoid all of the rough bumps, but you can prepare so that these setbacks won’t be as significant. Having a fund like this to access during hard times will keep you from tapping into your credit line to bail you out in an emergency.

Your income usually rises as time goes on. You’ll get raises and or change jobs, which will also change your income. Every time your salary increases, the amount you save should too. You will reach your goals a lot quicker if you continue to save more and more.

Have individual budgets for each specific expense. For example, vacations, cars, mortgage, pets, kids, and other costs, so make sure you save money for these everyday expenses and don’t put it all into savings. If you decide to buy a home, this will determine a large part of your spending and saving because of the down payment and mortgages each month.

This is why you need to make sure you are buying a home that is affordable for you and your family. Living a lifestyle paycheck to paycheck will not help you save and will create bad spending habits.

Take advantage of opportunities to save money that you see. When you reach 50, you can increase your contributions to tax-deferred savings plans. Taking advantage of this will result in more considerable savings.

You have to be patient. Patience is hard, but key while going through this process. There are no get rich schemes for most of us; becoming wealthy takes time and patience. Begin saving now, the quicker you get going, the sooner you will begin feeling financially well off.

Retirement may be further away for some, but when it comes, nobody ever mentions having “too much” retirement money. They are probably okay but could always use more. This is why it is crucial to reach your retirement goals and even increase these goals throughout your career.

The right financial advisor can help you reach your long-term financial goals. Keep this in mind when looking for someone to help you set up and manage a retirement account. Remember that retiring wealthy is retiring healthy and will allow you to live out your golden years stress-free and living life.

Chiropractic Care For Youth Sports

chiropractic adjustments for hip and knee injuries.

We have a lot of members with children and school sports is becoming more popular than ever. Some of our churches even put on church sporting retreats and youth activities. Recently, some of our members have enrolled their children into wrestling and we have seen an increase in lower back issues. Contact sports can create long term issues for our children if not treated right and in a timely manner. Here is some more information to consider if you are thinking about enrolling your children into youth sports.

If your child plays sports, you know how healthy it can be for them, it maintain friendships, and generally relieve stress from an otherwise busy lifestyle. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, or any athletics, it’s important to find ways to exercise while having fun (regardless of age!). However, there’s one downside to sports; the potential injuries and stress our body sometimes endures. 

Did you know that more professional athletes than ever before are teaming up with chiropractic doctors to keep their body in peak physical condition? There is a sports Chiropractor in Plano, Texas that one of our Plano Church members use and the results have been astonishing. What started as a complementary treatment while recovering from an injury has transformed into something that athletes use for prevention purposes as well as recovery. 

You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from the brilliant services of a chiropractor. If you do any sort of physical exercise on a regular basis, your body needs to be maintained and this is where an experienced chiropractor comes in. In fact, let’s deal with a misconception that we busted in the introduction…you don’t even need to be injured to benefit from a sports chiropractor.

Keeping the Body Healthy

We’ll talk about injuries in the next section, but we first want to discuss the idea of maintenance. By working with the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors will ensure that the spine is aligned and that you aren’t one stretch away from a serious injury. With a balanced structure and optimized spinal alignment, you might just be able to keep playing sport for longer. Rather than letting your body control your retirement from sport, why not take control yourself and keep having fun for as long as possible?

As you start to work with a chiropractor, you’ll notice how everyday tasks are easier too. You can bend down to pick up children, work without excessive back ache, and wake up feeling refreshed (rather than feeling you need another seven hours of sleep!).

Treating Injuries

back adjustments for athletes

If you’re dealing with a specific injury or find that it’s taking longer and longer to recover after a particular event, chiropractic care can help. As you may know, the spine is an essential part of the skeleton. Not only does it serve us so well while playing sport, it’s connected to all sorts of ligaments, discs, nerves, muscles, and more. With poor alignment or a slight issue in the spine, you’re going to feel aches and pains all over the body. 

With chiropractic care, it’s possible to relieve the tension and stress that these tissues experience. When recovering from an injury, you can also provide the environment your body needs to heal. Suddenly, the pain isn’t keeping you awake at night and you take some very serious steps towards recovery. 

In the past, we’ve seen people benefit from chiropractic intervention after ankle sprains, back pain, and all sorts of other ailments. It encourages range of motion, improves blood flow, and helps you to feel better again.

Other Benefits

Elsewhere, you will also enjoy the following; 

  • Improved performance 
  • Non-invasive procedures 
  • No medication 

What’s more, with injury prevention and range of motion in mind, athletic performance can also increase. As you trust your body more, you can take more risks and get that extra performance you need to become a star in your sport. 

Finally, we can’t ignore the fact that chiropractors have a long-term mindset. Rather than simply dealing with short-term injuries and problems, they want to put you in the strongest position for the future too. Now, you’re dealing with existing injuries and preventing them from returning at the same time!

Heavy Rain Shifts Cement Foundation

cracked cement staircase

One of our sister churches in Oklahoma has recently experienced an issue with the cement foundation on the church property. The church structure was built on a minor slope and recently they have experienced a shift with their foundation. It was first noticed last Sunday as members were walking up the cement staircase to the entryway of the church. There were noticeable cracks in the cement stairs, and some members commented that the actual structure looked like it had slightly shifted. After researching these claims further, it became obvious that the cement foundation on the property shifted slightly as the result of a nearby landslide. On the backside of the hill, a river had eroded the hillside and after heavy rains, a large chunk of earth slid to the river bank. While the church was built on the opposite side of the hill, it was still impacted by this massive movement of earth. Landslides aren’t real common in Oklahoma, however, if the conditions are right, there are some risks of landslides as we have recently experienced.

Thankfully nobody was hurt and the mudslide took place late in the evening when the church was empty. There are some plumbing issues that need to be fixed and we will begin calling around to get quotes on plumbing repair and custom concrete work for the Oklahoma City location. If there are any members of the congregation that are on this email list that can repair and stain concrete, you can reply to my email after reading this article. With so many members of the community there in Oklahoma, we should know someone that can provide a quote, or may know someone that can provide a quote for both the plumbing work and the concrete work.

We are always happy to receive your reply emails, so don’t be shy when getting these newsletters. If you know of any family members that might want to receive our emails or read our FMBC Blog, you can provide them with a link directly to the site here, or forward them our emails and they can request to be added to our email list.

Thanks again to all members of our community that continue to support our efforts.

Church Guitar Lessons Phoenix

Hello everyone, thanks for the emails last week. We always appreciate your feedback on the newsletters we email out every month and last month’s replies were awesome. We will keep sending out valuable emails to our members and look forward to helping you all find success through faith and business.

Musical Performance At Church

We wanted to give a shout out to one of our sister churches in Phoenix, Arizona that has recently begun giving guitar lessons in Phoenix to underprivileged children and church members that have expressed an interest in playing in the church band. The church band has grown to a 10 piece band and will have room for growth this winter as they look to grow their orchestral section. This growth may require the Church to remodel if the live stage isn’t able to facilitate the growth of the band.

The church band currently consists of a drummer, lead singer, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass guitarist, saxophone, violin, trumpet, harmonica, and keyboard/piano. The instrumentation is heavenly, both figuratively, and literally. They are writing original songs of praise that will be recorded and performed this winter for the holidays. Christmas music is always a hit, having a church band perform these songs for Jesus is just as rewarding for the players as it is the audience.

Taking Music Lessons Through Your Local Church

If you are blessed enough to attend a congregation in Phoenix, then consider yourself lucky, But if you attend a congregation in Phoenix that has a church choir, or church band, consider yourself extremely lucky. Now, we are excited to share that our sister church has begun to offer music lessons to members of the church. Most notably, the head music director will be offering guitar lessons in Phoenix at The Note Room Academy of Music. Students will be able to travel to this private music studio to learn from one of Arizona’s most sought after music instructors. He also teaches at the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Tempe, Arizona when he’s not leading the church band or teaching at the Note Room. Lessons for other musical instruments will soon be made available as soon as he has enough students. If you live in the Phoenix-Metro area and would like to learn more about the program, just reply to the news letter that we sent out and we will get you more information.

Music And The Church

Songs of praise and worship have become a major part of Sunday worship for many religions. The music we play and sing is a message from God, a gift to all of us, and to be able to practice and perform these musical pieces together as an organization is truly a blessing. We look forward to learning more about this program in Phoenix, learning about all the young people that are learning and performing every Sunday, and hearing from you about how your local chapter is using music for worship. Reply to the email and we will feature your story in next months news letter. Thank you for your continued support.

Oklahoma Church Vandalized

Church In Oklahoma Vandalized – Broken Windows Everywhere

Another one of our sister churches has become victim to vandalism in Oklahoma. Windows were broken and graffiti was plastered across the entryway. Fortunately, none of the stained glass was damaged, most of that glass was located high within the structure and out of reach of the vandals.

They will be having a community volunteer day where members of the church will gather to help restore the damage done to the building. There have been local volunteers that have already reached out to help paint the exterior of the church, repair the broken windows, and clean up the debris left behind.

Vandals Continue To Attack Churches In Oklahoma

This isn’t the first time an Oklahoma church has been attacked by vandals. There seems to be a growing trend of people damaging church property in Oklahoma. There was a man in June that was arrested for vandalizing a church in Tulsa. A Muskogee church was vandalized back in January, and now our sister church has experienced a similar problem.

Let God Deal With Vandals

There were not active video cameras on the property recording the incident at the time. This means there is no evidence of the perpetrators, so finding these vandals will be extremely difficult unless someone comes forward and points them out. While we wish we could press charges, we need to leave matters like these in the hands of God to judge. There will be a time when individuals like this will face judgment day and have to answer for their sins. Damaging church property is a violent act directed towards God and his followers, and there will be a price to pay at some point.

Monthly Emails

For those of you that subscribe to our monthly newsletter, we will be active again with that campaign after the summer months. Currently, most of our team is traveling and doing mission work out of state. Fall will mark the return of our team and allow us to focus on creating a larger business networking community for our affiliates and sister churches.

Search Engine Marketing Grows Hobart Church Congregation

Hobart Church Grows With Online Marketing

Church in Tasmania grows membership with digital marketing companyThere is much to be thankful for at a church in Hobart, Tasmania. One of our Australian readers reached out to us with an amazing story about how their congregation was able to greatly increase their membership after a period of dwindling numbers by using a digital marketing technique called SEO. She wanted to share the story of her church with us out of love for her community, but also out of love for our Lord who has guided her to help other Christian communities strengthen their congregation. She wished for her name to remain anonymous, however she did want us to pass along a message for her- “No matter what situation you may be facing in your home, in your community, or within yourself, know that Jesus loves you and will always show you the answers you need. He did just that for our congregation I know He will guide you as well.”

Apparently several prominent families within the St. George’s Anglican Church congregation had all moved away from Hobart at around the same time. The church tried several various methods to rebuild and strengthen their community. These strategies included organizing monthly sporting events and family outings such as golfing, youth kickball, bowling nights, and family cookouts. They tried growing membership by hosting youth camp-outs, and also by adding additional times of worship throughout the week. These efforts did help slightly, however, there was still a few too many empty pews on a regular basis. The Australian church was feeling a bit disheartened and took to prayer. They held a mass where the minister of the church asked God for guidance and asked for the light of the Lord to show them the way to salvation. The next week, one of the members of the perish approached the minister of the church with a modern solution to their membership problem. The member had heard that one of their friends increased the amount of foot traffic that was going to their local restaurant by hiring a local SEO company in Hobart. The minister of the church was a bit weary at first but after he heard a bit more about the great results that local restaurant was getting, he decided it was worth a shot. The church began a digital marketing campaign with the intention of growing the online presence of their church through Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It only took one month before St George’s Anglican Church had a brand new website that looked fresh and lively. Then, only a few months after the beginning of their marketing campaign, they started to see an increase in visitors and membership on Sundays. The congregation had grown in less than a year from needing to fill the pews, to having standing room only.

Here are Faith Marketing Business Consulting we are so happy that our Christian friend and Australian reader decided to share their story with us. It bring great joy and happiness to our hearts to know that the prayers of your church were answered by our Lord God, and that your congregation is now happy and healthy. We also think it’s a great learning moment for all Christians and church leaders alike, that digital marketing can be a useful tool in our efforts to spread the Word of God.

Church Construction Tampa Florida

Rebuilding A House Of Worship

church construction There was a major remodeling operation that took place at one of our sister churches in Tampa, Florida. Members of the local community came together to tear out some dated interior structure that had some mold issues and needed to be renovated. Old sheetrock, ceiling tiles, flooring, and appliances were all replaced during the remodeling efforts. There were also some structural changes that were made internally that added structural support to the building in case of something like Hurricane Michael.

There were 3 weekends in the month of September that were allocated to the renovation efforts and they planned carefully to make sure they had the tools and the resources available each weekend to make the progress needed to complete the project on time. Families from other parts of Florida drove in to offer their assistance, cook food, and bring water.

The construction is only part of the process, the deconstruction of the building is equally involved and requires many helping hands to finish. As one group tore down walls and ripped out carpeting, another group was there picking up all the garbage and scrap material and hauling it into a massive dumpster bin where we filled the dumpster liners with sheetrock, old 2×4’s, carpeting, tile, and outdated appliances. By week 3 they had filled two full dumpster liners and had the building stripped of all the old sheetrock, wiring, plumbing, and structural defects.

Once the building was stripped to its frame, they installed new plumbing and plumbing fixtures, extended a few rooms to support the growth of the congregation, added new lighting, wiring, fixtures, carpeting, a sound system, and recording capabilities.

The church as a facility is now equipped for Sunday service, weddings, holiday events, and is available for rent for special events. Having a community come together and contribute labor during a time of need is truly an act of god. Tampa Florida has some of the tightest Christian communities in Florida and has always shined when it comes to community involvement.

We know that many of the members in this community subscribe to our newsletter and may be reading this soon. On behalf of the congregation, we wanted to thank everyone that donated time, food, and supplies to help get this project finished on time. We also wanted to give a special thanks to the professional construction contractors in Tampa that took the lead on this project and mad it happen, without your expertise, none of this would have happened.

Those of us here look forward to making our visit to Tampa in 2019 as part of our fellowship tour. We will be making a few trips along the coastline and looking forward to meeting many of you there. For those of you providing disaster relief for victims of hurricane Michael, we pray for you and the people you are helping. Your kindness is truly an act of God.

Solar Water Heater Repair

Water Heater At Phoenix Church Needs Repair

solar water heater repair

Well, plumbing seems to be all the fuss recently. If you did not receive our last email there was a plumbing issue at our Toronto Church. When it rains, it pours, and when plumbing leaks, it floods. At least we haven’t witnesses flood waters like Noah did, not sure our man-made structures would survive that kind of flooding. Enough of the jokes, we are in need of a solar water heater repair technician. There have already been multiple emails received from our initial e-blast, but something happened with our mail chimp campaign and we were unable to reach all of our subscribers. I decided to write another post here for you to share among our community of you are fortunate enough to receive the emails.

One of our affiliate properties in Arizona recently experienced an issue with their solar hot water heater. There were some slight leaks identified, but the problem has yet to be resolved. We are contacting you today to see if anyone has a family member or a friend that has knowledge of solar water heaters. We contacted Pacific West Solar and received a very reasonable estimate for the solar water heater repair but wanted to give our faithful flock the opportunity to present this to family and friends so that they can also bid on the repair. We will need the water heater repaired or replaced soon so that they can have warm running water in the bathrooms and in the kitchen area. Food preparations are currently on hold until hot water is available in the kitchens. The Church converted to solar water heaters and haven’t had any issues until now and they are unsure what caused the problem in the first place. The Lord works in mysterious ways and this may be just another situation he is putting us in for a reason. The Church needs solar water heater repair, and there are parts of the world that just need water. It is a luxury that we can warm our waters with natural sun light, maybe this is something we should pray on. That might be the topic of my our next email, stay tuned!

We also have the option of contacting the company that installed solar panels at another house of worship in Phoenix. The leaks from the water heater has created some moisture in the attic area and there are concerns of mold and rodent being attracted to the dark wet environment it could create. So if you know anyone in our community that may have the resources to fix or replace the water heater, please email me back at the address I sent the email from. Thank you so much for being an active part of our spiritually rich community of faith-based marketers. We will continue working with you all to get your congregations to grow and prosper in your local communities. God bless you all.

Unclogging The Church Drains

Toronto Church Experiences Clogged Drains In Service Kitchen

Toronto plumber unclogging drainHello to our Canadian affiliates, if you are here because of the email blast we appreciate you coming here and reading this. We publish fun posts a few times a month about random things going on in our communities and within our affiliate ministries. One of our affiliate Churches in Toronto, Canada has experienced extreme clogging in the drains of their service kitchen. The church is equipped with an industrial kitchen to prepare and serve food to the congregation during service hours. The kitchen is also used to feed homeless in Toronto, Ottawa, and Scarborough. There are quarterly events where the homeless from shelters in Ottawa and Scarborough are bussed in and fed. The size of the facility is enough to feed 100’s of people when everything is working. This week there was a church function and they received complaints of some rancid odors. Upon further investigation it became clear that there was a serious backup in the kitchen drains. It’s an industrial kitchen and it also has floor drains, these were backed up also, creating small puddles of dirty water around the floor. Most of the men and women working the kitchen during ministry hours are older volunteers that have no business trying to unclog drains, and the standing water is an extreme hazard for our elderly brothers and sisters.

They were able to sweep the standing water out the back door, but the odor continued to loom and soon some of our worshiping flock felt ill. They shortened worship hours and everyone went home early. One of our church members was a plumber there in Toronto and was able to bring in a snake. The floor drains were backing up onto the floor, while the sink drains were clogged and filling the sinks with dirty water. Both drains needed to be unclogged and serviced but it was more work then our friend was able to take on that day. They then reached out to a guy locally that fixes clogged drains in Toronto, but we didn’t get an answer when they called. They then tried a professional handy man service in Toronto, and they really didn’t have the plumbing tools needed to unclog this type of drain. Eventually they ended up going to a local hardware store in Toronto and renting an industrial style snake. It was motorized and mounted on a rolling cart that made it easy to wheel in and operate. I’m not sure how far in they had to go, but they reached the blockage in the drain pipe and everything immediately drained at the same time. The snake was able to wrap up the clog and pull it out, from what I hear it was a pretty disgusting mix of hair, grease, mop strings, food, and debris. After unclogging such a rats nest of debris, it became apparent that they needed to do a better job of sweeping and mopping before washing food and dirt down into the floor drains. It’s easy to grab the kitchen hose and just rinse everything into the drain, but that created plumbing issues like the one they experienced in Toronto. Lessons learned, for any of our affiliate

Church members that are still reading this and have kitchen operations, sweeping the floors thoroughly before rinsing and mopping is highly suggested. Remember to always keep your kitchens clean and sanitary, the food inspector can show up without notice at anytime and backed up plumbing is a big red flag. Unsanitary waters backing up into sink drains that are used to prepare food could result in a penalty or a fine. Even the dishwashing pit needs to drain properly and have the ability to rinse, wash, and sanitize dish ware during operation hours. Keeping your kitchens clean and functioning properly will keep you from violating any local health codes in your city. If you would like more information about contacting your local health inspector, just reply to the email we sent out that brought you here. Thanks again to all our loyal members for the continued support, we will see you all soon at the convention in 2019. Bye-Bye for now.